4 Comments on “The South Bank Sky Arts Awards 2016”

  1. "He's only 7% black, 43% African Arab and 50% white."WHAT?!??!? Does Moochelle know this? Someone needs to tell her that she's married to a predominantly white guy. She'll probably be pissed.In fact, this may be an opening for us. Can someone get this information to Moochelle while she's in public? And then videotape her response? This could be the infamous "Whitey" tape that Editor Korir kept promising us.

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:I have to share this with you all, a hidden gem that I have discovered. It is beyond beautiful, terribly sad and exceptionally emotive. I felt it. A great piece.Take a moment to feel it, too.

  3. Christine,I was thinking today, yeah, I know me and thinking can be a dangerous mix, but, if we refer to you as Grand Dame then shouldn't we, when we address you call you, My Lady.

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