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23 August
Belfast Telegraph &
5 minutes with... Sophia Myles
20 March
You (UK)
A Vicar's Daughter In Hollywood
Interview (US)
Sophia Myles
Myles High Club
In the Pink
Esquire UK
M'Lady in Waiting
Elle (UK)
Pink Lady
27 July
This Thunderbird is definitely go!
27 July
Daily Post
Sophia's in the pink
23 July
The Mirror
Joining the Myles High Club
22 July
BBC Films
Interview Sophia Myles
17-23 July
Daily Express Saturday
Where to next, m'lady?
10 July
Daily Mail Weekend
Thunderbirds Are Go!
17 July
Daily Record (Scotland)
Do Lady Penelope and Parker have a no-strings fling
4 July
Sunday Times - Style UK
The return of Lady Penelope
3AM (UK)
Lady Bird
Phase 9
Q&A with Sophia Myles and Ron Cook
1 July
Posh Spy
20 June
The Independent on Sunday
Watch this face: Sophia Myles
13 June
Sunday Express (UK)
No strings attached
1 June
Glamour (UK)
Myles of Style
1 May
The Face
Puppet On A String
1 September
My Fair Lady
8 August
Evening Standard Magazine (UK)
Myles ahead
14 -27 May
More! (UK)
Get ready for... Sophia Myles
10 March
The Evening Standard
The day I got my big break
10 January
The Evening Standard (UK)
Sophia is Go as Lady Penelope