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Tristan and Isolde

28 December
Daily Mail (UK)
Lady and the vamp
Tatler (UK)
Sophia power
25 April
Metro (UK)
Living life on a role
20 April
Evening Times Online (UK)
Sophia puts the accent on mimicry
15-21 April
The Knowledge (The Times UK)
Parlez-vous Doctor Who?
15 April
The Daily Record (UK)
Who's That Girl, Doctor?
13 April
This is the North East
Who's best for Sophia?
9 April
Stella (Telegraph UK)
Myles above the clouds
Sophia Myles
Myles ahead
Sophia Myles Interview
Sophia Myles: An English rose about to blossom
Sophia Myles interview
Nylon Guys (US)
Myles Ahead
17 March
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Knight Takes Queen
16 March
The Courier Mail (Australia)
Dark Ages Love Story
2 February
'I've seen the dark side of fame, the paparazzi...'
13 January
Exclusive Interview: Sophia Myles "Tristan and Isolde"
13 January
Seattle Times
Actress makes film memorable
11 January
Franco and Myles on Tristan & Isolde
10 January
Sophia Myles: Princess with an Edge
10 January
Love Hurts for 'Tristan & Isolde'
1 January
20th Century Fox
Production Notes: Tristan & Isolde
V Magazine (US)
Miracle Myles
Elle (UK)
Pink Lady
1 May
The Face
Puppet On A String
1 November
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Hollywood's It Girls - Sophia Myles