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‘Kicking the Air’ Airs on 12th June

Sophia’s BBC4 Radio play will air a week later than first announced: Tuesday, 12 June 2012, 2.15-3.00pm. But we have more information what it is about and who Sophia Myles is playing:

Facing deportation from the UK, a young Iranian student, Reza Mostafai, claims asylum on the grounds that he is gay, fearing for his safety if he is returned to his homeland.

With the help of his barrister Fiona and best friend Lulu, Reza must try and find a way to prove his sexuality in time to halt his removal. Can they find someone to come forward to testify to the truth of Reza’s claim?

Christine Murphy’s debut radio drama is a powerful and shocking story of one man’s desperate attempt to prove his homosexuality.

Starring Jamie Harding as Reza, Sophia Myles as Fiona, and Vicky McClure as Lulu, the cast also includes Ben Caplan, Zubin Varla, Ian Beattie and Maggie Cronin.

• Source: BBC Programme Information

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Stepping back

After careful and long consideration I decided to step back from running this website after nearly 8 years. I still love Sophia Myles & her work dearly. I simply no longer have the time and motivation to spend a large part of my free time online. While I’ll remain the owner of the site and continue to post on the messageboard it will be Natalie – the new co-owner of the site – who will be around to post news, pictures & videos. I feel confident leaving the site in her hands as she’s a real fan of Sophia and terrific in her capabilities to run a website – as anyone looking at the current layout or anyone familiar with her from the messageboard already knows.

I say goodbye with a laughing and a crying eye and hope you show the same support & appreciation you’ve shown me to Natalie.

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June 2011 Calendar

Once again, so sorry for the delay in posting these. For the new month of June we have five new additions to our lovely 2011 calendar project – again submitted by the talented Donna. We both couldn’t decide on which of these flower-themed calendars should be the official calendar so I added all of them. Thank you!

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