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Sophia Myles to name Viking boat

Coming Saturday, Sophia Myles will officially name the Viking boat ‘Lille Draken’. This is an excerpt from a news report (Richmond and Twickenham Times):

On Saturday June 18 at noon, at Richmond boat house, Richmond Bridge, film star Sophia Myles from Thunderbirds will officially name the boat. Her father, Rev Peter Myles of St John the Baptist Church, Isleworth, will bless the vessel, in keeping with naval tradition.

More about the boat:

“David Jones, of Avenue Road, has spent the past year building the replica Viking boat using traditional materials such as green oak and sweet chestnut planks of wood, along with tar and linseed oil to seal the exterior. The boat, called Lille Draken’ – or Little Dragon’ in Norse – is 21ft long, 5ft wide and only 1ft deep. It features a striking gold-leaf, carved dragon figurehead, wrought iron keel band and a carved tail piece. A large sail with Viking detailing will be unfurled when the boat reaches water.”

Sophia Myles to appear in ‘Miss Marple’

Sophia has decided on a new project: She’ll appear in a new episode of the high-quality British television series ‘Miss Marple’ starring Geraldine McEwan. For anyone not familiar with these series: each episode is based upon a book written by Agatha Christie. There’s not yet much known about the episode Sophia is to appear in, but it’ll be (of course) a who’s-done-it-story. Sophia’s character is called Gwenda, is 21 years old and has just returned to her homecountry England after being brought up in India. Shooting will take place during a few weeks over summer. Isn’t that great news!!

Tristan & Isolde Update

Now, this is great news! I’ve found more about the plot and a pictures of Sophia at ApolloMedia (see the picture in the gallery):

The Irish are ruling England under the frightening reign of King Cuchulainn. His general Morholt carries out the king’s political actions in bloody manners. During a massacre among the Englishmen Tristan’s father is killed. The boy grows up at his uncle’s and shows he has both the leading qualities and the passion necessary to unite the trunks.

Having grown up to be a notable knight, Tristan and his “gang” uses the tactics of the “small needle passes”. In result, an enraged Cuchulainn sends his general Morholt to “befrieden” the Englishmen. However, Morholt is subjected to Tristan in the duel. And Tristan is fatally hurt by the poisoned sword of his opponent. Following old tradition, the allegedly dead one is put in a small boat and led to sea and only by coincidence doesn’t burn in fire. After a long journey Tristan strands in Ireland, where Cuchulainn’s daughter Isolde finds, hides and nurses the critically ill one. Isolde was promised to Morholt, although against her will. She finds Morholt’s sword on Tristan’s boat – a safe indication of his death. Tristan and Isolde fall in love with each other, but Tristan doesn’t know that she is the daughter of his biggest enemy, the Irish king…

The complex and exciting material is based on one of the oldest love stories of the world, the classic epic of Tristan and Isolde, which is about love, loyalty, debt and betrayal. The tragic lovers rank among the greatest figures in world literature.

European Film Academy / pictures

Sophia Myles has recently had the honour of being asked to join the European Film Academy as a voting member. She’s delighted about it – especially as she tries to immerse herself in European film because it is so beautiful and real.

Earlier this month – on May 2nd – Sophia attended the European premiere of ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ in London, on Leicester Square. I found some (unfortunately watermarked) pictures. View them here.