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Music video ‘We Belong Together’

Sophia Myles recently left the set of ‘The Hades Factor’ for a few days to shoot scenes for the ‘Tristan & Isolde’ promotional music video in Los Angeles. It was especially written for the movie by 28-year-old singer/songwriter/pianist/guitarist Gavin DeGraw and is called ‘We Belong Together’. As we’re approaching the release date we can be on the lookout for this music video!

More information about Gavin DeGraw at his official site and at More Than A Memory – The official Gavin DeGraw fan site.

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Music video ‘Inflatable’ / Photo Shoot

I’ve found out what the name of the ‘Bush’ music video is that Sophia appeared in: Inflatable. Unfortunately the links on the official Band site are broken but you can visit Launch and click on ‘Inflatable’ to view the video. It’s a rather bad quality, though.

And the wonderful Mariana has donated pictures from another photoshoot: by Jonathan Worth. Thanks a lot!