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I’ve added some articles:
» M’Lady in Waiting (Esquire, August 2004)
» Sophia’s in the pink (Daily Post, July 27, 2004)
» The return of Lady Penelope (Sundy Times – Style, July 4, 2004)
» Thunderbirds Q&A (Phase9, July 2004)

In the August issue of ‘Esquire’ were also some new pictures of Sophia. See

I’ve added the filmpages in the filmography section. But don’t expect too much, they’re as of yet far from being complete. An exception is the Thunderbirds page. It has the full-sized poster featuring Sophia. I’ve also put together pages about reviews for Sophia and Sophia’s thougths. Enjoy!

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Pictures from ‘Thunderbirds’ Premieres

The UK premiere for ‘Thunderbirds’ took place Sunday a week ago, on July 18. According to news reports Sophia Myles had the best entrance – she came rolling in sitting in the pink FAB 1. See the pictures here.

And since I took my time with updating, the LA premiere has also already taken place – on July 24, last Saturday. The pictures are here.

The scans from the InStyle issue are also on the site – See.

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Messageboard etc.

A BIG Thank You goes to Gavin from the original Sophia Myles site ( His message board (with Erika as hostess) is also for my site. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the BOARD to chat about Sophia and her work!

Another very big Thank You to Ruth: She sent me tons of Sophia pictures – also some fabulous ‘Thunderbirds’ stills – view them here.

And there’s a new article: (The one picture that hasn’t been published before is now in the gallery.
» No strings attached Sunday Express UK, June 13, 2004

This article is very interesting because it talks about another new project for Sophia: ITV’s interpretation of ‘Colditz’. More about this mini-series to follow.

And since ‘Oliver Twist’ has been released on DVD – Region 1, USA, Canada – I was able to make some screen caps of that excellent series. View them here.

I’ve also added a poll question: What is your favourite film? Please take the time to give your answer. Thanks a lot.

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Art School Confidential

I was on vacation – that’s the reason why I wasn’t updating lately. But now I’m back and there’s fantastic news: Sophia Myles is doing another movie. She wrote a message in the guestbook telling me about it. The movie’s called ‘Art School Confidential‘ and is being directed by Terry Zwigoff and based on the comic book by Daniel Clowes. In that, the movie resembles Ghost World. Also in it is John Malkovich, Jim Broadbent and Angelica Houston. Max Minghella, 19-year old son of director Anthony Minghella, stars as Jerome, the title character. He goes off to art school convinced that he’ll become a great artist. Instead, he comes to learn that he has undeveloped talent and watches the girl of his dreams fall in love with another artist. He is then inadvertently accused and arrested for being a murderer and thus becomes the celebrity artist he always dreamed of being. My guess is that Sophia will play that girl.

Glamour UK had a small featurette about Sophia in their June issue. Pictures in the gallery. This is the article:
» Myles of Style Glamour UK, June 2004

Since the release date of ‘Thunderbirds‘ is approaching there are also new pictures. I’m very glad some of Sophia are among them. View them here. Thanks also to Kathy who has sent me many pictures – that I still need to upload. And Mariana has also donated some pictures. View them here.

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