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New Sophia interview

Ever since I knew they were at the Berlin Film Festival back in February and interviewed Sophia Myles I have been anticipating their interview: Today as Hallam Foe opens in theatres in Switzerland it is finally online on their website: I’m happy they also have it in English – so head over or to the site’s press archive to read it.

They also have one with Jamie Bell where he lets out the secret on his on-screen chemistry with Sophia Myles:

ON: You have an awesome chemistry with Sophia Myles in the film, for instance when you’re flirting in the bar. JB: For that scene we just got wasted. It usually helps a scene like that, if you are drunk. It’s boring to pretend to be drunk. (He laughs) Sophia is playing a very interesting character. She’s broken inside. She has a marriage that ended. She’s now sleeping with her boss which I’m sure isn’t the most pleasant experience. Suddenly this weird guy comes along who is a bit off the coffin. I guess for a character like Kate this youthful energy would be very intriguing. He really loves her and looks at her like she’s coming from heaven. For such a broken character this is incredible attractive.

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Exciting new magazine scans

‘Hallam Foe’ opened the 61st Edinburgh International Film Festival earlier today. As most of us guessed Sophia Myles is being kept in the US by the busy shooting schedule for ‘Moonlight’ – they’re currently filming episode 3.

But instead I’m very happy to have for you the scans of Sophia’s features in the September issues of the following UK magazines: Elle – it arrived at my local newsagent today – and Total Film – it arrived in my letterbox also today. The latter one is part of their Hitchcock Special; to quote Total Film: “Hence our wheeze of shooting the stars in stark, Hitch-riffing shadow”. It is in my opinion one of the best-looking Sophia photoshoots ever. Enjoy!

004 Total Film (UK), September 2007
001 Elle (UK), September 2007

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