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Stepping back

After careful and long consideration I decided to step back from running this website after nearly 8 years. I still love Sophia Myles & her work dearly. I simply no longer have the time and motivation to spend a large part of my free time online. While I’ll remain the owner of the site and continue to post on the messageboard it will be Natalie – the new co-owner of the site – who will be around to post news, pictures & videos. I feel confident leaving the site in her hands as she’s a real fan of Sophia and terrific in her capabilities to run a website – as anyone looking at the current layout or anyone familiar with her from the messageboard already knows.

I say goodbye with a laughing and a crying eye and hope you show the same support & appreciation you’ve shown me to Natalie.

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Wearing Nanette Lepore

I’m using the currently quiet time to extend some of the site’s features. Today, I have for you a new page in the Sophia section of the site: it’s dedicated to Sophia’s favourite designer: Nanette Lepore (Website). You’ll find pictures of Sophia Myles wearing her clothes to public appearances such as the recent British Independent Film Awards, to TV interviews or even while acting in ‘Moonlight‘ and ‘Spooks‘.

Favourite Designer: Nanette Lepore

Stay tuned for a similar page on Sophia’s other favourite designer soon!

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The Official Fansite

Welcome to 2011! To mark a new beginning Simply Sophia Myles is back with a brand-new design created by the talented messageboard member Natalie and coded by myself! There’s a new feature in that there’s a welcome page before you get to the news updates. To view the layout the way it was designed use preferably Firefox (though it should work in all modern browsers) and press F11 if necessary.

Sophia Myles has bestowed the title The Official Fansite to Thank you very much! What does this mean? Nothing will change because it’s still maintained by myself – that’s also why it is an official fansite – but the new title stresses the fact that thanks to Sophia Myles this is the place to get all the latest and verified information about her and her career!

Thank you for your support in the past and I’m looking forward to hearing from you in 2011! Be sure to be an active and longterm member of the messageboard to fully enjoy the site.

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‘Spooks’ Clips & Episode 5

I am leaving for a one-week vacation. However, Natalie will keep the site update when news come in. I only managed to finish some of the promised ‘Spooks‘ clips – find them on our YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to visit our messageboard to stay up to date as well as to talk with fellow fans of Sophia!

The description for episode 5 was released yesterday. Read it here if you don’t mind spoilers. It will air on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 9pm.