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‘Outlander’ Trailer 2 – with Sophia!

I’m actually fully occupied packing my bags for a holiday (I’m off till the end of the month) but this is something you have to watch: The Outlander Fansite informed me of the second ‘Outlander‘ trailer – featuring also some footage with Sophia Myles. She also narrates the first part of the trailer! Watch on YouTube.

P.S. My friend Sandra will update this site in case of some major Sophia news during my absence.

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Site of the Month – July

Absolutely Sophia Myles is Site of the Month at, a German website for the New Zealand actor who played Haldir in ‘The Lord of the Ring’ films. Many thanks – also for the nice words!

A beautifully laid out and very informative website about the British actress Sophia Myles, whom some of us might know as Beth Turner in ‘Moonlight‘. Some may have also recognized her in a guest appearance in ‘Doctor Who‘. Overall a perfect fan site which leaves nothing to be desired.

[edit] This site also is Site of the Month in July at Daydreaming, a large multi-fandom fansite for several tv series, movies, celebrities and more. That’s what they had to say: “It’s really pretty and has lots of content, so check it out!” Thanks a lot!

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We’re back!

After some difficulties caused by a hacker attack and a virus the site is finally back on track! I want to express my deepest gratitude for everyone who was able to spare a few dollars to help me pay for the restoration of the website – as well as those who expressed their sympathy. I will work hard over the coming days to bring this site up to date so stay tuned!

It is really not something I take for granted that so many people helped me out so here the initials of the 12 kind people – I’m forever grateful to you all:
D.H., A.R., M.M., L.A.C., P.F., A.T., M., G.S., A.V., M.A., R.M., M.S.