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Mia first noticed Sophia Myles in Mansfield Park. Even though she was only in a couple of scenes, Mia was fascinated by her liveliness, her natural talent and her looks. Her sister and Mia talked about her performance even after the film. However, her career was really only just taking off at that time and so Mia forgot about her again.

One summer day in 2003 Mia was browsing a movie magazine while hanging out at a swimming bath and saw an ad for the DVD of The Abduction Club. She bought the movie and as soon as she saw Sophia’s face she instantly remembered where she had seen her before, that she was the girl from ‘Mansfield Park‘. After watching that film Mia thought Sophia was an incredibly talented actress and wanted to find out more about her. However, there wasn’t much information available so she decided to start this site in order to gather all the information and pictures she could find. And of course to honour her performances and her talent.

Although Simply Sophia Myles remained a totally unofficial website until 2010 Sophia Myles first got in touch in 2004 to thank Mia for the efforts she’m putting into it and also to provide us with information. As of January 1, 2011 Simply Sophia Myles is proud to wear the title ‘The Official Fansite’. We are forever grateful and think it is a lovely gesture by Sophia Myles.

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