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I know, I know, I haven’t updated the site for sooo long. Sorry! It’s just that at the current host I don’t have ftp, which makes it very tiresome to upload! But since I now have found another one, i’m working on a new version of the site. And it’s looking great and I’m sure it won’t last that long until you’ll be able to enjoy it.

In the meantime, enjoy the new version of the very first Sophia Myles website here. It looks splendid. And have a look at the quite finished gallery of this site’s new version.

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TALENT SPECIAL 2004: Shooting stars

From The Independent (UK) / by Charlotte O’Sullivan

Sophia Myles
On paper, 23-year-old Sophia Myles is almost too pouty to be true; the latest hot British blonde actress, ready and waiting to step in, should Keira Knightley get run over by a bicycle, or Kate Winslet demand too much cash. But this ex-comp kid can act (she was a passionately pensive presence in Underworld) and has an endearingly retro air. Redolent of Diana Dors, as seen in Yield To The Night, she has more than a hint of dotty Fenella Fielding, too. Maybe that’s why she snagged the plum role of Lady Penelope in the live-action version of Thunderbirds – due out in August. Also coming this year is Tristan and Isolde, directed by Kevin Reynolds. These roles should make her a star; let’s hope she doesn’t lose her weird charm along the way.