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Gallery update

Note by Maria, May 6, Meghan’s Underworld screen caps have now been replaced by mine taken from the DVD.

Added new pictures. A Scan from Vanity Fair, April (sent to me by Gary, thank you very much), the screen caps by Meghan (thanks a lot) and screen caps from ‘From Hell’

Vanity Fair, April 2003 // Underworld // Making Of // From Hell


I have a new affiliate: All About Kevin.

Meghan made screen caps from the Underworld trailer and the Featurette at Hollywood.Com. I’ll add them soon. Other things are on its way as well: a magazine scan, many screen caps and story outlines for the films. Yesterday, I watched the first episode of Oliver Twist, Out of Bounds and Nicholas Nickleby. I know this is quite a lot for one evening – runtime for Nicholas Nickleby is 200 minutes – but I just couldn’t stop myself from watching the films, now that I’ve finally got them.

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