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Sophia Myles

from Total Film UK, August 2002 / by Ceri Thomas

The Abduction Club‘s feisty tomboy on whining actors, playing the virgin and bedding Johnny Depp

Your average thespian probably can’t remember exactly when they decided an actor’s life was for them. Not Sophia Myles. She recalls the instant with crystal clarity.

“The defining moment was being in bed with Johnny Depp,” laughs the 22-year-old. “I thought: ‘Okay, this is serious now… I obviously haven’t done too badly’.” The bedroom antics in question came about when she was cast as Depp’s wife in Ripper thriller From Hell “I flew out to Prague for one night to do this love scene with him and then came back. It infuriates me when journalists say things like: ‘Oh, it must have been so difficult and so on.’ Um, no. I was paid money to go to bed with Johnny Depp. I have a fantastic life!”

Over the last year, that “fantastic life” has seen her appearing in videos for Bush and Ronan Keating, racking up TV work and starring in this month’s The Abduction Club. Set in 18th century Ireland, it centres on the efforts of dashing but poor noblemen Matthew Rhys and Daniel Lapaine to kidnap themselves a rich heiress for a wife. But they bite off more than they can chew when they abduct Myles’ feisty Lady Anne Kennedy.

“I was so excited about The Abduction Club,” says the star of period telly adaptions Oliver Twist and Mansfield Park. “I’ve been playing the innocent young virgin for a long, long time, always the wronged maiden, suppressed and innocent. And suddenly this role came along that was so much closer to me. Anne’s a tomboy, she’s adventurous, she’s upbeat.”

Filmed during three months in Ireland, the shoot wasn’t always easy. “I was just desperate to go out at lunchtime and fly kites with the boys but the costume department said: “No, you can’t. You’ll get your dress dirty.’ Matthew and Daniel complained that it was cold and they had to trundle through this mud. I said: ‘Try it in a pair of high heels and a corset that’s restricting your waist by five inches!”

She’s not complaining though. “I do get pissed off when actors whinge about how it’s hard and it’s not real and all that. But at the end of the day, it has to be fun. And as soon as it stops being fun, I won’t do it any more.”

Shooting Star

from The Sunday Herald, June 2002 / by Andrew Burnet

On the face of it – and a dashed pretty face it is too – Sophia Myles is a bundle of cliches. Blonde of hair, blue of eye and rosy of cheek, she’s a vicar’s daughter who was spotted in the school play. Then she was studying Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park and plays by Harold Pinter; within two years she was acting in the BBC’s Mansfield Park with Harold Pinter.

Her looks have prompted comparisons with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio – but you couldn’t call her a dumb blonde. A self-confessed “terrible swot”, she was top of her class at school in London and with straight As in her A-levels was about to take philosophy degree at Cambridge. But then – whoosh! – her career took off like a space probe.

Her first television role was as Lady Jane Grey in a BBC adaptation of The Prince And The Pauper. She was 16 at the time – four years younger than Helena Bonham Carter was when she played the 16th-century nine-days queen. Bonham Carter has been bemoaning typecasting, and Myles will have to tread carefully to avoid it. Apart from Susan in Mansfield Park, her costumed English roses include Kate Nickleby in Nicholas Nickleby and Agnes Fleming, Oliver’s mother, in Oliver Twist (both for ITV). A minor character in the novel, Agnes was built up as a tragic heroine in Alan Bleasdale’s adaptation, though mostly in flashback, having died at the start. Myles’s characters are prone to dying young, a misfortune also visited on her as Johnny Depp’s wife in From Hell.

This month marks her cinematic debut in a leading role, though as another corseted coquette. In The Abduction Club she stars as Anne Kennedy, one of two wealthy sisters in 18th-century Ireland, pursued by aristocratic but skint young rakes who belong to a club devoted to kidnapping and seducing moneyed maidens with a view to a dowry. But with Anne and Catharine they’ve bitten off more than they can woo.

Now 22, Myles has shrugged off those cleavage-enhancing period gowns once or twice. Her cv includes two pieces by Fay Weldon: the feminist publishing satire Big Women, for Channel 4, and the stage play Alice May And Rowan Baker. She can also be seen soon as a boarding-school bad girl in the spooky British thriller Dead In The Water. “I was stunned by Sophia’s performance,” says its writer/ director Merlin Ward. “She has talent and beauty that truly light up the screen.”

We’ll be seeing more of them.

Dead In The Water is released on VHS and DVD on June 24 The Abduction Club is released on July 19

One to watch – Sophia Myles

from Empire Australia, March 2002 / by Chris Murray

Blink and you may miss her in From Hell, but his is one actress sure to go the distance.

It’s just as well this 22-year-old had a crush on her drama teacher – or else the beautiful Brit may still have her head stuck in a philosophy text book at Cambridge. “Yeah, when I was 16, I was indeed fiercely academic,” she laughs. “The ambition or desire to act was never there… but he [the said teacher] was quite tasty!” The schoolgirl crush soon led to an amateur play, where her talent was spotted by the local BBC, who followed up with an offer to play Lady Jane Gray in a TV production of The Prince and The Pauper.

The conscientious young lass soon found herself auditioning for a film version of the book she hated to study, Mansfield Park. “When that audition came up I said ‘not a chance in hell’, I loathed that book. But after reading the screenplay I decided to do it since it was so well written.”

It wasn’t long before Ms Myles decided a uni course learning about Jane Austen or Harold Pinter didn’t compete with actually living out the stories on film. “I mean, when I was in Oliver Twist I had to do a childbirth scene, in Nicholas Nickleby I had a rape scene – then I jump into bed with Johnny Depp in From Hell!”

The latter was a dream that almost did’t come true – luckily, after her commitments to another production kept her from a larger role in the horror/thriller, she was talked into the brief cameo. “When they said I have his baby… I said ‘when do I start?'”

With many more projects on the way, and yet another corset romp scheduled for 2002 with The Abduction Club, Sophia Myles is a name you should get used to hearing. Modestly, Sophia sums up the journey from high school crush to slipping between the sheets with Depp: “I’ve had an amazing time, just like Hugh Grant says in Notting Hill – ‘it was surreal, but nice'”

TV Sophia’s Depp love scene shock

from The People / by Charlotte Seligman

THE girl star of ITV’s costume drama Nicholas Nickleby has revealed her most nerve-racking part – filming a love scene with heart-throb Johnny Depp.

Sophia Myles – heroine Kate in the Dickens adaptation concluding today – had to get into bed with Depp in the film From Hell about Jack the Ripper.

And the 19-year-old blonde says stripping naked with Depp in front of the cameras was terrifying.

But she says she soon warmed to the task of filming the raunchy love scene.

She says: “I’d be lying if I said: `Oh, it’s just work’. It was fantastic. And Johnny was charming.

“There were three or four scenes and one of them was this love scene.

“When we shot it, he was totally normal and very kind to me.

“Of course when I told my friends I went to bed with Johnny Depp they said, `You Bitch’!”

Sophia, who still lives with her parents in Isleworth, Middx, was always destined for stardom.

She was first spotted by the BBC while she was still doing her GCSEs at the age of 16 – and later starred in the drama The Prince and the Pauper.