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A small update with some images from Sophia’s latest project Decrypted.

Sophia is set to play Beth Barnes, a feminist rookie cyber expert and technical adviser to NSA agent Buck Johnson.

Substantial Films have updated their site to say:
Unfortunately, we were forced to suspend the production of Decrypted at the end of March due to Covid-19.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved for their invaluable contributions to the production so far, and for sticking it out until we stopped shooting.

We have about 70% of the film in the can, and we’re very happy with everything we’ve got. As soon as is practical, we will resume shooting of the remaining scenes.

Meanwhile, we’re going to start editing what we’ve got, so the film will be moving forward even though the production has temporarily stalled.

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Beyond Garnet Podcast – Episode 11

Beyond Garnet 
By Lana Read

Each week we’ll take a peek inside the lives of creative individuals to learn about their passion, their hobbies, quirks, dreams, disappointments and maybe even their favorite type of cake. 

We’ll also get the scoop on their current projects, advice to listeners and where you can follow them to stay caught up with their shenanigans. 

Episode #11 A Shout Across the Pond with Sophia Myles
The gracious Sophia Myles chats with us about acting, her upcoming projects, crystals, and her first attempt at screenwriting.