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Welcome to the Simply Sophia Myles Press Archive, the largest collection of Sophia Myles-related articles on the web. The archive currently holds approximately 200 articles from throughout Sophia’s career.


Doctor Who Magazine (UK)
Old enemies return to face the Fourth Doctor!


Psychic News
Spiritually Speaking ...


20 November
Metro (UK)
60 Seconds
29 August
Sophia Myles Talks The Damned
17 August
Icon Vs Icon
Sophia Myles discusses her role in The Damned, upcoming projects, and more!
1 August
The Fan Carpet
Talking British Horror: A Conversation with Sophia Myles and Ed Stoppard
28 July
Female First
Exclusive Interview
22 June
Stanley Tucci and Sophia Myles Talk TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION
8 February
IFC visits Gallows Hill (EXCLUSIVE)
Empire: Issue 295 (UK)
On Location: Blackwood
Empire: Issue 295 (UK)
Hardware Update


21 July
Belfast Telegraph (IE)
Myles: Transformers 4 is a dream
6 May
The Wrap (US)
Sophia Myles to Join Mark Wahlberg in Michael Bay's 'Transformers 4' (Exclusive)
29 March
Gollancz To Publish Expanded Edition Of Behind The Sofa For Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary
28 February
Screen Daily (US)
Spotlight on International Projects: Blackwood


3 November
Caras (Colombia)
Colombia in the sights of Hollywood
11 September
Arrow In The Head (US)
Peter Facinelli, Sophia Myles & Nathalia Ramos Climb Gallows Hill For Director Victor Garcia
10 September
Hollywood Reporter (US)
'Twilight's' Peter Facinelli to Star in 'Gallows Hill' (Exclusive)
26 May
The Guardian - Guide (UK)
Utopia: Newcastle upon Tyne
31 May
The Northern Echo (UK)
Paradise isn’t lost on stage-fright Sophia
23 May
Evening Standard (UK)
Stage role spooked me, says Sophia Myles
2 May
Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 446 (UK)
French Kiss!
13 January
Daily Star (UK)
Doctor Who: Who's That Girl?


31 October
What's on Stage
Crook, Horne, Bhaskar & Cole Line Up for Old Vic 24 Hour
1 June
Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 434 (UK)
The Girl in the Fireplace


27 September
The Mirror (UK)
Beth guns for glory
18 September
Daily Express (UK)
Sophia's Spooked
18 September
The Telegraph (UK)
Corsets off for new Spook
18 September
TV Times (UK)
Agents of Change
18 September
Total TV Guide (UK)
Agents of Change
17 September
Evening Standard (UK)
From wronged maiden to kickass spy: Spooks star Sophia Myles
16 September
Digital Spy
'Spooks' - Meet The Newbies: Sophia Myles
16 September
What's On TV (UK)
Meet Spooks’ new girl Beth Bailey!
14 September
TV Choice Magazine
Interview Extra: Sophia Myles
28 April
TV Choice - Blog (UK)
Speaking to Spooks
19 March
Spooks Official Press Release
Spooks: Drama Ahead On The Grid
19 March
The Daily Mail (UK)
Sophia's ready to be Spooked


19 December
The Daily Mail - Weekend (UK)
Face Is Familiar
14 October
London Lite (UK)
An instant interview with... Sophia Myles
24 August
The Daily Mail (UK)
Lady Penelope leaves her pink Rolls behind as she goes on a backpacking adventure
23 August
Belfast Telegraph &
5 minutes with... Sophia Myles
17 August
The Press Association (UK)
Sophia Myles pleased to be back
16 August
Sophia needs some work
13 August
Press Association (UK)
I'm not a posh bird
26 March
OUTLANDER - Sophia Myles Q+A
Elle (UK)
Diet Diary: Sophia Myles


5 September
4 September
Vulture (New York Magazine)
Sophia Myles on ‘Mister Foe,’ ‘Outlander,’ and Her Unsexy Sex Scenes
2 September
Sophia Myles On Her First On-Screen Kiss
1 September
Dark Horizons
Exclusive Interview: Sophia Myles for "Mister Foe"
6 August
Locarno 2008
Production Notes: Outlander
21 July
Ain't It Cool News
Moriarty’s Open Letter To Harvey Weinstein Regarding Howard McCain’s Groovy Viking/Alien OUTLANDER!
16 May
MediaBlvd Magazine
Sophia Myles On The Set Of 'Moonlight'
4 May
The biting truth
1 May
iF Magazine
Tidbits about the final episodes of 'Moonlight' from Fango's Weekend of Horrors
Cult Times (UK)
Sophia's Choice
30 April
SciFi Wire
Myles Sure CBS To Renew Moonlight
20 April
Wales on Sunday
5 minutes with...
11 April
Moonlight Set Visit Part I: We Chat with Jason Dohring and Sophia Myles
11 April
An Interview With Moonlight's Sophia Myles
8 April
TV Squad
Moonlight: Set visit and cast interviews
25 March
Yahoo! Press Association
Moonlight Becomes Her
20 March
Yahoo! Press Association
Sophia's Birthday Cake(s)
15 March
TV Quick (UK)
My first ...
10 March
The Independent (UK)
The female factor
Sky Magazine (UK)
Love bites ...
24 February
Sunday Mail
Sophia: L.A. Is Myles Better
17 February
Sunday Express (UK)
Moonlight becomes her
16 February
TV & Satellite Week (UK)
Move over Buffy
18 January
MOONLIGHT Star Sophia Myles
18 January
SyFy Portal
'Moonlight' Becomes Sophia Myles
17 January
Sophia Myles on the Moonlight Finale
16 January
Tube Talk
Interview with Moonlight’s Sophia Myles
16 January
Interview: Sophia Myles of CBS hit, 'Moonlight'
SciFi Now (UK) - Issue 10
Introducing ... Moonlight


11 November
MediaBlvd Magazine
Sophia Myles Moves To America Television For Moonlight
1 November
The Herald
And the winner is ... no surprise as Myles is only one nominated
1 November
The Scotsman
Star simply the best - in a field of, er, one
31 October
LA Times
CBS pumps new blood into 'Moonlight'
31 October
The Herald
Bafta Scotland shortlist unveiled
28 October
Firefox News
Previously on Moonlight
23 October
'Control' leads BIFA race
16 October
Interview with Moonlight Costume Designer Salvador Perez
TV Zone (US/UK)
Over There
InStyle (UK)
Beauty Up Close: Sophia Myles
29 September
Exclusive: Sophia Myles Loves the Night Life on the new CBS Drama 'Moonlight'
28 September
Various articles about foreign talents coming to the US
27 September
Drinking Blood with the Cast of Moonlight
25 September
Monsters and
CBS 'Moonlight' set tour in photos
20 September
Interview Sophia Myles
1 September
Evening Times (UK)
Having to dance and climb was scarier than being nude
Total Film (UK)
You like to watch, don't you?
Elle (UK)
The Accidental LA Star
22 August
Moonlight Interviews
15 August
Daily Record (UK)
The RCYAL Myles
14 August
It's Nothing Like "Angel," We Swear: CBS's New Vamp Detective Show "Moonlight"
5 August
The Observer Magazine (UK)
Curtain call for Miss Myles
4 August
"Moonlight" Interview From Comic Con
1 July
Pathé Films AG Zürich
Production Notes: Hallam Foe
27 June
Hollywood Reporter
Myles set for 'Moonlight' run on CBS
27 June
Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 383 (UK)
Script Doctors
22 June
Daily Mail Online
Sophia Myles' spy game
20 June
'Hallam Foe' to open Edinburgh
19 February
The Hollywood Reporter
Hallam Foe
17 February
Hallam Foe
17 February
Peeping Tom movie spies global success
17 February
Berlinale Review: Hallam Foe
11 February
Stella (UK)
The magnificent seven
4 February
The Sunday Times (UK)
The Next Factor


28 December
Daily Mail (UK)
Lady and the vamp
24 December
Sunday Telegraph (UK)
Bringing Dracula Back to Life
23 December
Radio Times (UK)
Silent bite, unholy fright
20 December
The Times Magazine (UK)
Something of the night about her
2 December
The Independent Magazine (UK)
Myles Ahead
1 December
Glamour (UK)
British Glamour
1 December
BBC Press Office
Press Release: Dracula
Doctor Who Magazine Specials Issue 14 (UK)
The Girl in the Fireplace
11 October
The Georgian
Big budget film being shot on west coast
30 August
The Bath Chronicle
Dracula swoops in for filming
4 August
Evening Standard Magazine (UK)
Sophia Myles: Beauty Buyography
Tatler (UK)
Sophia power
25 April
Metro (UK)
Living life on a role
24 April
Grazia (UK)
Q&A Sophia Myles
20 April
Evening Times Online (UK)
Sophia puts the accent on mimicry
15-21 April
The Knowledge (The Times UK)
Parlez-vous Doctor Who?
15 April
The Daily Record (UK)
Who's That Girl, Doctor?
13 April
This is the North East
Who's best for Sophia?
11 April
Doctor Who guest star quizzed
9 April
Stella (Telegraph UK)
Myles above the clouds
Sophia Myles
Myles ahead
Sophia Myles Interview
Sophia Myles: An English rose about to blossom
Sophia Myles interview
Nylon Guys (US)
Myles Ahead
17 March
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Knight Takes Queen
16 March
The Courier Mail (Australia)
Dark Ages Love Story
2 February
'I've seen the dark side of fame, the paparazzi...'
1 February
Masterpiece: Mystery!
Press Release: Miss Marple
13 January
Exclusive Interview: Sophia Myles "Tristan and Isolde"
13 January
Seattle Times
Actress makes film memorable
11 January
Franco and Myles on Tristan & Isolde
10 January
Sophia Myles: Princess with an Edge
10 January
Love Hurts for 'Tristan & Isolde'
1 January
Sophia Myles: It Chick
1 January
20th Century Fox
Production Notes: Tristan & Isolde


V Magazine (US)
Miracle Myles
18 July
East Devon GovUk
Sidmouth stars in murder mystery
26 March
Escape from hell!
26 March
The Eye (UK)
Blonde Bombshell
26 March
Radio Times (UK)
Love in a Colditz Climate
20 March
You (UK)
A Vicar's Daughter In Hollywood
12 February
Telegraph Magazine (UK)
The Bafta Issue


29 September
The Times of Malta
'Lady Penelope' in Malta
28 September
The Malta Independent Online
British actress relaxes at the Fortina Spa Hotel and Resort
Ingenue (US)
Sophia Myles
InStyle (UK)
Graphics are Go!
Interview (US)
Sophia Myles
Myles High Club
In the Pink
Esquire UK
M'Lady in Waiting
Elle (UK)
Pink Lady
27 July
This Thunderbird is definitely go!
27 July
Daily Post
Sophia's in the pink
23 July
The Mirror
Joining the Myles High Club
22 July
BBC Films
Interview Sophia Myles
17-23 July
Daily Express Saturday
Where to next, m'lady?
10 July
Daily Mail Weekend
Thunderbirds Are Go!
17 July
Daily Record (Scotland)
Do Lady Penelope and Parker have a no-strings fling
4 July
Sunday Times - Style UK
The return of Lady Penelope
3AM (UK)
Lady Bird
Phase 9
Q&A with Sophia Myles and Ron Cook
1 July
Posh Spy
20 June
The Independent on Sunday
Watch this face: Sophia Myles
13 June
Sunday Express (UK)
No strings attached
1 June
Glamour (UK)
Myles of Style
7 May
The Mail on Sunday
Colditz is Myles better
1 May
The Face
Puppet On A String
3 January
The Independent (UK)
TALENT SPECIAL 2004: Shooting stars


1 November
Elle (US)
Hollywood's It Girls - Sophia Myles
22 October
Now (UK)
I've no complaints about love scenes
10 October
Screen International
The Dark Ages in Britain - Via Prague
1 September
My Fair Lady
1 September
Empire (UK)
The Lady-In-Waiting
15 August
Richmond & Twickenham Times
Hollywood breakthrough began as spell on the school stage
8 August
Evening Standard Magazine (UK)
Myles ahead
14 -27 May
More! (UK)
Get ready for... Sophia Myles
10 March
The Evening Standard
The day I got my big break
10 January
The Evening Standard (UK)
Sophia is Go as Lady Penelope


6 December
Tiscali - The 2002 European Film Awards
Sophia Myles Chat Transcript
Foyle's War Publicity Release
Interviews with the Guest Cast - A Lesson In Murder
Total Film UK
Hype: Sophia Myles
9 June
The Sunday Herald
Shooting Star
Empire (Australia)
One to watch - Sophia Myles


15 April
The People
TV Sophia's Depp love scene shock
14 April
Daily Express
Sophia's Choice
7 April
The Mirror
Why I was paid to go to bed with Johnny Depp
31 March
Sunday Mirror
There are worse things than being compared to Kate Winslet
1 January
Harpers & Queens UK
Five Stars ...