Guest House Paradiso

Guest House Paradiso

Sophia Myles is playing Saucy Wood Nymph
Richie & Eddie's Bottom Movie

Richie and Eddie are running the nastiest, smellist, most squalid hotel in the world and things aren’t going well. The Chef’s guzzled all the food, cash is running low and most of the guests have fled without paying!

But things are on the up with the arrival of the Nice family, some exotic underwear and the sexy Italian movie star Gina Carbonara. Richie is soon indulging his passion for panty pilfering whilst desperately trying to impress the fragrant Ms. Carbonara. But with Gina’s jilted fiancee in hot pursuit and something decidedly iffy about the fish dinner, Richie & Eddie are going to need a miracle to escape in one piece.

Main Details

Director: Adrian Edmondson
Script: Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall
Genre: Comedy/Thriller
Runtime: 89 minutes
Rating UK: 15 / US: R
Production: April 1999
Filming Locations: Ealing Studios and Isle of Wight (UK)
Theatrical Release UK: December 3, 1999 / US: TBA
DVD Release UK: November 13, 2000 / US: TBA

Main Cast

Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson, Vincent Cassel, Hélène Mahieu, Bill Nighy, Simon Pegg, Fenella Fielding, Lisa Palfrey, Kate Ashfield, Steve O’Donnell, Charles Cartmell, Paul Garcia, Sophia Myles, Emma Pierson, Anna Madley


Extensive Story Description

Richard “Richie” Twat and Edward “Eddie” Elizabeth Ndingombaba run the worst guest house in the United Kingdom, neighbouring a poorly maintained nuclear power station. The chef is not only unable to cook, but is both an idiotic drunkard and an illegal immigrant and eventually leaves due to not being paid. The guests are thoroughly dissatisfied by the poor service, and all decide to leave, except for one “Mrs Foxfur” who lives there.

Life seems bleak for Eddie and Richie, but things seemingly improve with the arrival of the “Nice family”. Furthermore, the famous Italian actress “Gina Carbonara” comes to stay in the grotty house while seeking safety from her ill-tempered fiancé Gino Bolognese. However Gino does eventually find her at the guest house as Eddie and Richard had put her name up in lights outside in order to attract more guests. Later, Richie finds some fish which fell off a military lorry heading away from the nuclear power station. Richie and Eddie don’t realise that the fish had been contaminated by a radiation leak until after they’ve fed them to the guests.

Hours later, with everybody violently ill from the radioactive fish, the guests are all projectile vomiting at high velocity and in huge quantities — all except for Gina Carbonara, apparently the only guest who did not eat the fish. In an act of spontaneous solidarity (given that no other guests have had any contact with Gino), every guest projectile vomits on him at once, forcing him backwards, out through a window and off a cliff edge into the ocean. Government agents arrive to hush up the incident and give Eddie and Richie ten million pounds, first class tickets to the Caribbean and new identities for both the duo and Gina in exchange for their silence over the leak. The three accept the offer, and head to the Caribbean. In the film’s final scene, Eddie winks to the camera after commenting “How lucky he was the only fatality. Otherwise there’d be a moral question mark hanging over our escape.”

Sophia's Role

Sophia Myles plays one of 3 credited ‘Saucy Wood Nymphs’. At one point in the film when main character Richie is unconscious he is having a vision of a group of lovely blonde girls (or saucy wood nymphs) coming on to him. This turns into them pouring their beer at him – which in reality is Eddie throwing a bucket of water on him in order to wake him up.


  • In the interview on the DVD of ‘The Abduction Club’ Sophia Myles says if she were to be abducted it had to be by someone very funny and names Rik Mayall as abductor of her choice. He co-wrote this film here and played Richie.

Quotes from Sophia

About her line ‘Come Love Nymphs, out of respect for Ritchie let us get our great knockers out and wobble them around a bit!’: No matter how long I’m in the business I don’t think I’ll ever have a better line than that.

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