The 24 Hour Plays Celebrity Gala

Character: Kat
Directed by: Steve Macmion
Written by: Roy Williams
Episode title: Greedo Doesn’t Shoot First!
Venue: Old Vic Theatre, London

The play starts with a kidnapping being discussed between Molly, Jack and John. Molly is being reprimanded for using a brick on the head of their victim. It turns out that the victim is George Lucas and the group are hardcore Star Wars fans who think Lucas has got out of control. Kat, John's wife and a Star Trek fan, tries and talk them into releasing Lucas.

Celebrity Gala Cast

Obi Abili, Jane Asher, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Nancy Carroll, Lily Cole, Charlie Cox, Brendan Coyle, Mackenzie Crook, Janie Dee, Lisa Dillon, Freddie Fox, Robert Glenister, Anthony Head, Ruthie Henshall, Mathew Horne, David Horovitch, Jessica Hynes, Gina McKee, Sophia Myles, Katherine Parkinson, Julian Sands, Nina Sosanya, Josette Simon, Rachael Stirling, Isy Suttie, and Indira Varma.

Greedo Doesn’t Shoot First!

Molly: Rachael Stirling
Jack: Robert Gleinister
John: Brendan Coyle
Kat: Sophia Myles

Sophia plays Kat, a Welsh Star Trek fan, married to John. She tries and talk the rest of the group into releasing George Lucas.

Story Description

The play opened in a deserted old house where three people are pacing the floor, worried, frantic and sick to the stomach. Instantly, the audience are led to believe that something terrible has happened. Slowly as the play moved on, it was revealed that Rachael Stirling’s character Molly has hurt someone. This is a hostage situation and the police are just outside the door.

The panic builds to boiling point until I can hear the shout of a familiar voice. Sophia’s character Kat steps in to persuade them all to let the captive go. Who is the hostage I hear you all ask? – The one and only George Lucas! In order to secure his safe release, a series of rather ridiculous demands must be met: there are to be no more reedited versions of Star Wars, he must also give permission to have particular scenes from the original films destroyed! From then on the hilarity ensues!


Each cast member had a different accent from the British Isles: Robert Gleinister with a gruff London accent, Rachael Stirling supporting a convincing Scottish, Brendan Coyle tackling Irish and finally, our Sophia belting out a fabulous Welsh accent.

Quotes from Sophia

My agent sent me an email asking if I was interested in taking part in the 24 Hour Plays Gala at The Old Vic Theatre. I almost wet my pants in fear just reading the email. I am not a stage actress as you all know… but what I do know is this … facing FEAR is the gateway to the next dimension.

I have said yes. I can’t believe I have said yes. Sky diving naked almost seems less scary!  So please wish me luck and if I die as the curtain comes up you are all invited to my funeral.


@oldvictheatre Thank you Old Vic for such an AMAZING time. Being part of the 24hour Plays was a night I will never forget! x


@RobBrydon You were a brilliant host. So great to meet you and thanks for making me laugh so much.

Messageboard Member Chrissy’s Opinion

Comic timing was vital for this play to work and each of the performers were wonderful, you didn’t even need to know anything about Star Wars in order to laugh. Sophia of course was fabulous with every single line she had been given and hilariously funny. I really hope she does theatre again soon as she had a wonderful stage presence and grabbed the audience’s attention so naturally.