My heart is my compass – I make choices based on how I feel.

I love acting. My passion for my profession gets stronger as I grow older.

I try to love and to live in the light, not to fear and hide in the dark.

I don’t wear a watch. NOW is the time. I am conscious that the magic of life happens in the present moment.

What other people think about me is none of my business.

The following quotes are taken from media articles. In the process of editing these may have been published different than Sophia Myles said them or may have been taken slightly out of context

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I’m quite shy naturally so acting is good for me because it’s really forced me to face my biggest fears and come out of my shell. It’s bizarre and sometimes I think it’s quite unhealthy because it’s not normal. You’ve got to remember also that it’s ‘pretend’, it’s not real, and you’ve just got to stay grounded. Otherwise I’d go insane. But it’s fun and, if I could afford to, I would pay to do what I do. That’s how much I love it.

I do get pissed off when actors whinge about how it’s hard and it’s not real and all that. But at the end of the day, it has to be fun. And as soon as it stops being fun, I won’t do it any more.

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I’ve always said that I’d rather work for nice people for no money, than get paid millions to work with idiots. People think and say that I’m really interesting because I’ve done studio pictures and then arthouse films, but I’ve never made any conscious choices. I always base my choices on the material that’s in front of me, as well as who’s in it, who’s directing it and is the writing any good? Those are the three main things. I don’t care how much money is in it, who’s producing it, who’s whatever. So whether it’s TV, film or independent studios, that’s the critera. It’s also instinctive because when I read a script and the character they’re asking me to look at, if I can hear the voice in my head, that’s when I know. Sometimes you read stuff that’s obviously good but you can’t see yourself doing it.

I’d like to be that kind of girl that when people happen to recognize my face or happen to recognize my name they’d think, ‘Oh, she was really good in that film’ rather than, ‘Oh, she’s the one who had sex with that one’.


[su_spoiler title=”About Kate Winslet” icon=”chevron”]

I have met her once at the BAFTA (British Oscars) awards, I am sure she doesn’t remember me. But I think it would be perfect casting to hire me, if someone ever needs an actress to play her young sister. I am incredibly flattered by the comparison, because I think she’s is stunning and talented and a really nice girl. If ever I find out there’s a film she is doing where she has a younger sister and they don’t cast me, I will really throw all of my toys out of the pram. (laughs)


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The most challenging is the amount of travel that’s involved. I’ve been doing this now for ten years so I’ve been on the road for a long, long time. It’s just that thing of learning how to live out a suitcase but keeping yourself grounded. But being away from home and my own flat is challenging. I love it when I get jobs where I can actually stay at home and sleep in my own bed.


[su_spoiler title=”About Turning Down University for Acting” icon=”chevron”]

I have no regrets, because I completely fell in love with this industry as soon as I walked on to my first job. And I was thinking, well, I can either go and sit in a classroom and study Jane Austen or Harold Pinter plays, or I can make Mansfield Park and work with Harold Pinter, and be paid to do it, and be in the cinema. So no regrets. I think at that point I had decided that I had really fallen in love with the job. I was thinking, ‘why sit in a classroom studying Pinter plays and ‘Mansfield Park’ when I can be bringing them to life?’ It’s not that I am against university, but I can go at any point in my life. I can’t decide when I’m going to work in this business. So I just think that while I’m on the wave I’m going to ride it until it breaks.

Besides, almost by accident, I seemed to have discovered my passion, something that really set me on fire. From that moment, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.


[su_spoiler title=”About Hollywood” icon=”chevron”]

I’ve always found that the less I know about something, the less frightened I am about it. And when I started out in England, I had no idea with the first job I got, and the second, how strong the competition was. It was the same really in L.A. — it was so new to me, I didn’t put any pressure on myself. I just thought, ‘Well, I’ll see how it goes.’ I’ve spent a lot of time in LA and I love it. A lot of Brits can’t stand the place, but I like the west coast attitude and the way people celebrate success.

LA is seductive, it’s incredible but there’s no other place like it in the world… there’s no industry really other than the film industry so it’s kind of 24/7 film, film, film. I love my job a lot but I love my life more.

[su_spoiler title=”About The Business” icon=”chevron”]

It’s so difficult because, y’know, you’re only as good as your last job in this business and sometimes it can take a while to shake a duff one off. And, y’know, to blame the downfall of a film on one person is just kind of ridiculous. I hate the whole kind of box-office thing, ’cause it’s weird how a film’s ‘success’, in inverted commas, is equated by how much money it makes in its opening weekend, as opposed to how many hearts it moves or how many people it kind of touches, you know what I mean?


[su_spoiler title=”About Red Carpets” icon=”chevron”]

I do find it terrifying, though. No one gives you a handbook telling you what happens. Last year at the Bafta’s was the first time anyone had taken my photograph, and I’m sure I looked like a startled deer in headlights. I make films because I love being on a film set, not because I envision myself walking down a red carpet.

[su_spoiler title=”About Paparazzi” icon=”chevron”]

Quite frankly, I’m so boring in my real life that the only thing that’s cool is what I do for a living. That’s the rock ‘n’ roll bit of me. My daily existence would make them so bored.

[su_spoiler title=”About Her Ambitious Nature” icon=”chevron”]

I sometimes think that if someone spoke to me the way I speak to myself, I would kick them. I’ve always been really ambitious, whatever I do. At school, I always wanted to be the best in the class – no, it wasn’t enough to e the best in the class, I’d want to be the best in the country.


[su_spoiler title=”About Her First Role” icon=”chevron”]

I went, they cast me, I filmed it, and I had the time of my life. It was like going into the dressing-up box and putting on fantastic clothes. But I thought it was a one-off, and I’d go back to school and then to Cambridge.


[su_spoiler title=”About Her Father Being a Vicar” icon=”chevron”]

It’s not because I’m not religious, but I wouldn’t want to be in a classroom where one of my parents was the teacher. Anyway, it’s odd going into church having had a big bust-up with your dad in the morning and he’s saying ‘I forgive you for all your sins’ – and you’re going, ‘Yeah right, Dad.’ People ask me about it all the time. But my recollection of growing up was that being a vicar was just something my dad did for a living and religion was not rammed down our throats at all. My dad is philosophical about what I do, and both my parents are very supportive. Even when things get a bit near the knuckle. They accept that I’m acting.


[su_spoiler title=”About Dreams” icon=”chevron”]

I read once that the two worst things that can happen in your life are: achieving your dreams, and not achieving your dreams. I’m living living my dream and I’m scared. I think that it can’t go on like this because it’s too perfect. I can’t plan my life because at this stage in my career I’m not in control of it. I believe in fate; after all, it happened to me.


[su_spoiler title=”About Rebelling” icon=”chevron”]

I was always the good girl at school. Some of my friends were getting pregnant and into drugs, but the most I did was smoke a packet of 10 Marlboros.


[su_spoiler title=”About Her Style” icon=”chevron”]

I’m not so much a tomboy, but I always feel like I’m a man in drag. When I was a kid I never had a doll or wanted a Barbie. I used to like playing soldiers and climbing trees.

[su_spoiler title=”About The Time Before Her Breakthrough” icon=”chevron”]

Keira and I played sisters in Oliver Twist, in 1999, and after that neither of us could get a job. We were like, ‘Why are we unemployed? Are we mingers?’ We even thought about writing something for ourselves.



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