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According to the official blog ‘Hallam Foe’ is in its final stages of editing. Tomorrow the director’s cut will be screened for all the financiers.

Today the US DVD of ‘The Hades Factor’ is being released and Part 1 has aired on Sky over the weekend in the UK.

Last week the Marple: Sleeping Murder UK DVD was released. When I got back from my vacation yesterday I finally got round to see this excellent episode. Sophia Myles was brilliant as the young fiancée playing at being worldly yet being a vulnerable 21-year-old. If you haven’t yet seen this, go and buy (or rent) it. The episode is also available on a single disc.

Visit our new affiliate: Damian-Lewis.Com – a site for Sophia’s Colditz co-star Damian Lewis.

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Keep your eyes open! Miss Marple

Here‘s the ITV listing for the new Miss Marple episode ‘Sleeping Murder’ featuring Sophia Myles. Can I ask everyone living in the UK to keep their eyes open for any articles, interviews, pictures etc that might be found in TV magazines? Thanks!

And be sure to visit our new affiliate, Kathy’s new site:
Ziyi Central … Zhang Ziyi

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Official site for ‘Tristan & Isolde’ & Affiliates

The official site for ‘Tristan & Isolde’ is now up. The main attraction is the large version of the picture that is featured on the poster. And then there’s also the trailer and a very short story description. We can certainly expect to find more information and promotional material soon.

Our new affiliates: Conquers All (Tristan & Isolde fansite) and Paul-Bettany.Net.

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Affiliate / Multimedia rating

Welcome our new excellent affiliate site:
Toni Collette Online

I’ve replaced the stars below the images in the multimedia section. I’ve noticed that many people have rated countless images 0 out of 5. I can’t believe that that was the intention. It should now be more clear which image gives 0 and which one gives 5 stars out of 5. Note: The 5 out of 5 image is on the right-hand side. I’m sorry if this was clear to everyone but I felt like there was a need for explanation and also I hate to see these lovely images so poorly rated.