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Etienne! DVD Give-away

Etienne!‘ has been released on DVD in the US and in Switzerland. In collaboration with the filmmakers I’m happy to announce that you can win a personal copy of ‘Etienne!‘ on DVD as an Easter gift! Send me the correct answer to the following question by filling out our contact form.

Which of the following movies has a connection to ‘Etienne!’?
a) Outlander b) Art School Confidential c) Tristan & Isolde

The winner will be picked early Monday morning so your answer needs to be in by Sunday, April 17, 2011.

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Win Tickets to Premiere of Etienne!

Hey everyone! This is a special opportunity to win 2 tickets to go see the indie flick “Etienne!” in Zürich, Switzerland. Now why would you want to do that? Because – are you ready? – the film features a short cameo appearance by Sophia Myles!

Etienne!” tells the story of Richard who takes his beloved friend, a dwarf hamster named Etienne, on a bicycle road trip after he learns that his pocket pet is sick and has only a few days to live.

Director Jeff Mizushima created a movie that he calls “a film about the little things in life.” It’s produced by Giacun Caduff who met Sophia in 2004 while being her assistant on the set of “Art School Confidential“. They have since remained friends and Sophia taking part in his film was to help Giacun’s career as an up-and-coming producer. And here’s another interesting tidbit for you: while Giacun was Sophia’s assistant he was the person who actually first contacted me on Sophia’s behalf – and us both being Swiss is really one of those funny coincidences in life.

In the spring of 2008, when the Etienne! film team was on their way to San Francisco to record a few pick-up shots, Sophia phoned Giacun with the good news that she’d act in a short scene that they had talked about adding to the hamster film. He and Jeff drove their van on a detour up the Hollywood Hills and, equipped with a 16mm camera, Sophia’s scene was filmed at Lake Hollywood Park. It features hamster Etienne, lead-actor Richard Vallejos and Sophia who is credited in the movie ‘as herself’. For more about the film, visit: or the Official Facebook Page.

I myself had the fortune of seeing a special advance screening of this heartwarming movie in May 2009 and can definitely recommend it! Can you make it to Zürich, Switzerland this Friday? I have 1 pair of tickets to give away for the premiere that takes place at the Arthouse Movie cinema on December 10, 2010 at 10pm. To participate, send an email to mia [at] or fill out this contact form. Tickets have to be picked up at the theatre by December 9 – 10:30pm the latest.

Etienne!” won the “Director to Watch” Award when first screened at CineVegas Film Festival back in 2009 and went on to become a critics darling and audience favorite at numerous other fests. It’ll be out on VOD and DVD in the US shortly. Switzerland is blessed with a theatrical run at Arthouse Movie in Zürich.

Watch the trailer Continue reading Win Tickets to Premiere of Etienne!

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‘Outlander’ out on DVD today!

Today ‘Outlander‘ is released on DVD in the US! Be sure to order if you haven’t yet to see Sophia Myles in action as Viking warrior princess Freya & the – to be expected – fabulous DVD extras! The DVD should also be availble for rent at Blockbuster.

According to the Outlander fansite it is as of yet unclear when the movie will be released on BluRay in the US. However, it’s stil scheduled to be released on DVD & BluRay May 26th in Canada. A free DVD can be won on a contest over at

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‘Outlander’ Making Of & More

Following ‘Outlander‘ on Twitter certainly brings us fabulous information. There’s another opportunity to win a VIP screening here and it leads us to an interesting and totally new over 16 minute long Making Of. The Outlander fansite has word that it will eventually turn up on the Region 2 DVD but isn’t on the recently released French DVD/Blu Ray or the upcoming Region 1 DVD/Blu Ray. It also has some nice moments of Sophia Myles so be sure to watch!

Someone uploaded a hiliarious imitation of the UK Trailer to YouTube. It’s a shot by shot re-make with action figures such as He-Man, Thundercats, Star Wars and more. Definitely a must see!

Outtakes from reviews (added to the Outlander page):

But it’s Sophia Myles who steals the show, her performance as beautiful but ballsy Viking girl Freya giving the boys a run for their money in the action stakes.

John Hurt is excellent as the watchfully wise king, as are Sophia Myles as his feisty daughter and the other-worldly James Caviezel.
The Times

042 Outlander – Making Of
001 Outlander – Production Stills

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UK Cinema Arrival of ‘Outlander’ approaching

Finally! ‘Outlander‘ is released in cinemas throughout Sophia’s homecountry this coming Friday, April 24! has a competition to win a VIP private ‘Outlander’ screening for you & your mates. To participate you have to be a UK resident, register at their website and give the correct answer to this question “What do you call a monster with one eye?” before the end of April 25. Good luck!

Also on you can shorten the wait till Friday by watching their exclusive ‘Outlander‘ clip of the movie’s beginning.

I’ve come across some new reviews. Apparently Jonathan Ross spoke favourably about the movie in his show and The Mirror singled out Sophia Myles for praise in their short and lukewarm review: “but it moves at a fair old pace and features a great performance by Sophia Myles as a Viking princess.”

As always I’m extremely grateful for anything you UK fans might come across. Thanks for keeping your eyes open!

Oh, and Sophia’s ‘Doctor Who‘ episode “Girl in the Fireplace” re-airs tonight on BBC3 at 7pm.