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Art School Confidential & Doctor Who Screencaptures

Finally! The screencaptures of ‘Art School Confidential’ and its DVD extras. I’ve also added additional extras featuring Sophia Myles from the ‘Doctor Who’ Season 2 DVD box. The gallery counts now over 10,000 images. Enjoy!

409 Art School Confidential – Screencaptures
137 Art School Confidential – Deleted Scenes
008 Art School Confidential – Goofs
041 Art School Confidential – Making Of
058 Art School Confidential – Sundance Featurette
048 Doctor Who – David Tennant’s Video Diary
433 Doctor Who – In-Vision Commentary
018 Doctor Who – Outtakes

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‘Doctor Who’ Screencaptures

I’ve replaced the existing ‘Doctor Who’ screencaptures with high quality ones. As was the case with the ‘Tristan & Isolde’ captures to see them full-sized you have to click them twice. The reason for the smaller intermediate pictures is make picture-viewing agreeable to those who don’t have fast internet connections.

305 Doctor Who – Screencaptures

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Doctor Who Confidential

I got hold of the Doctor Who Confidential for episode 4. I’ve added the screencaptures.

Also Sophia Myles has been painted multiple times for her parts in various movies. I collected the pictures and added them to the gallery. There’s one more from the deleted scene in ‘From Hell’ but I can’t find my DVD at the moment. I’ll add that picture later…

006 Paintings
253 Doctor Who Confidential

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‘Tristan & Isolde’ Screen Captures & more!

I spent the whole day yesterday capping the ‘Tristan & Isolde’ DVD and uploading everything. Following is the summary of what I’ve uploaded to the gallery.

‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ aired on Saturday and Sophia’s performance impressed many who hadn’t heard of her before. That’s great! About the success of the episode itself, a quote from Gallifrey Online:

“Doctor Who” was again the #1 rated show on UK television on Saturday both by viewers as well as by audience share.

And Glamour Magazine UK have a video interview. Watch it, Sophia Myles is very funny and articulate!

001 Doctor Who – Stills
005 Doctor Who – Screen Captures sent in by Rob. A BIG thank you!
861 Tristan & Isolde – Screen Captures (extra large if you click the intermediate picture)
110 Tristan & Isolde – DVD Featurette Love Conquers All
064 Tristan & Isolde – Trailer (replaced with larger captures)
156 We Belong Together (replaced with larger captures)
083 We Belong Together (short version)
105 Glamour Magazine UK Watch the video here