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Project Details

Some more details on Sophia Myles’ current projects:

‘Doctor Who – The Girl in the Fireplace’:
David Tennant, Sophia Myles and a producer did a commentary for the episode. But it isn’t just an audio track, they were filmed while talking about the story. It will probably be one of the many extra features available on the official BBC site right after the episode will have aired. It may also be featured on the DVD. Volume 2 of the second series (incl. the Sophia episode) will be released June 5, 2006. Pre-order.

Hallam Foe:
Full name of Sophia’s character is Kate Breck. This young woman is supposed to look like Hallam Foe’s mother. In the movie the mum only appears on photographs. So, Sophia Myles was made to look older to pass as the mum on the pictures. Go to Jamie’s entry about his mum here (official film blog) to see Sophia Myles as Anne Sarah Foe. Sophia Myles is heading to Scotland today to start filming.

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‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ airs May 6

And yet another update. This is for the British visitors: With April 15 being confirmed to be the beginning date for the transmission of Series 2 of the new Doctor Who series Saturday, May 6, will be the day Episode 4 will air. It’s all on BBC1 at 7.00 pm. ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ – as this episode is called – will take place in 18th-century France and guest starring as the French noblewoman Madame Pompadour is Sophia Myles. Stay tuned for more information. Gallifreyone is full of news/updates/rumours etc on the series.

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Sophia Myles to appear in ‘Doctor Who’

Sophia Myles has accepted a new role: She’s going to play Madame Du Pompadour in an episode of the famous BBC TV-Series ‘Doctor Who’ starring Billie Piper and David Tennant. Euros Lyn is directing, rehearsals are currently taking place and shooting will soon start.

There is a very informative fansite about the series: Gallifrey. And it says there that the tentative start date for the airing of Series 2 is March 2006. I believe the episode Sophia Myles will be in is ‘4: The Girl in the Fireplace’ – this one is set in 18th century France, the time and place Madame du Pompadour lived.

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