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Large Gallery Update!

As you may have noticed, the gallery has been a little ‘busy’ these last couple of days. I have finally had time to sit down and go through all the images I have of Sophia on my laptop and upload those that were missing from the site! There are quite a few events pictures that have been added along with various artwork and promotional/production images for Sophia’s past projects. Here is just a small selection but I have listed all updated albums below for you to browse 🙂

I have also added Sophia’s first Transformers 4 interview to the press archive – hopefully we will be getting more soon!

Photo Gallery:
004 Scans from 2010 > Various Clippings
001 Scans from 2010 > Hot TV (UK) – September 17
001 Scans from 2010 > The Telegraph (UK) – September 17
001 Scans from 2010 > Daily Express (UK) – September 18
011 Events in 2004 > ‘Thunderbirds’ London Premiere
010 Events in 2005 > ‘Otherwise Engaged’ Press Night – After Party
010 Events in 2006 > Sony Ericsson Empire Film Awards
001 Events in 2007 > Marks & Spencer Autumn/Winter 2007 Collection Preview
007 Events in 2007 > Doctor Who Series 3 Screening
001 Events in 2007 > 57th Berlin International Film Festival – ‘Hallam Foe’ Premiere
003 Events in 2007 > 57th Berlin International Film Festival – ‘Hallam Foe’ Photocall
001 Events in 2010 > British Independent Film Awards
003 Events in 2011 > The Old Vic 24 Hour Plays Celebrity Gala – Aftershow Party
004 Events in 2011 > VIP Screening of ‘The Artist’
006 Events in 2012 > Soho Theatre Fundraising Gala
010 Events in 2012 > The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
006 Events in 2012 > Leaving Soho Theatre
013 Events in 2012 > Chiller Theatre Convention
013 Events in 2013 > Leaving the theatre after seeing ‘Uncle Vanya’
003 Events in 2013 > Pain and Gain – LA Premiere
011 Fanart & Various > Twitter Uploads
001 Short Films > A Sunny Morning (2012) Production Stills
003 Voice Work > Kicking the Air (2012)
002 Theatre > Utopia (2012)
001 Out of Bounds (2002) > Artwork & Posters
001 Underworld (2003) > Artwork & Posters
003 Hallam Foe (2007) > Artwork & Posters
005 Outlander (2008) > Production Stills
002 Outlander (2008) > On Set
002 Outlander (2008) > Artwork & Posters
025 Gallows Hill (2013) > On Set
001 Gallows Hill (2013) > Artwork & Posters
001 Blackwood (2013) > Artwork & Posters
008 Blackwood (2013) > On Set
001 Transformers 4 (2014) > On Set
001 Foyles War: A Lesson in Murder (2002) > Artwork & Posters
001 Colditz (2005) > On Set
001 Colditz (2005) > Promotional Photoshoot
004 Marple: Sleeping Murder > Production Stills
002 Dracula (2006) > Artwork & Posters
003 Moonlight (2007/08) > Promotional Photoshoot
006 Moonlight (2007/08) > Production Stills
009 Moonlight (2007/08) > On Set
002 Unknown Sessions > Set 001

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New Production Stills!

Well exciting news for all Sophia fans – we have a new image from Sophia’s latest project, A Sunny Morning!

A huge thank you to the A Sunny Morning team for giving us permission to post and of course credit to the talented stills photographer Owen Billcliffe.

I have also added some new promotional stills from Sophia’s appearance in Dracula

Gallery Updates:
Other Projects > Short Films > A Sunny Morning (2011) Production Stills
Television > Dracula (2006) > Production Stills


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‘Dracula’ German DVD

dracula.jpgIt’s been almost a year that ‘Dracula‘ premiered on BBC. It has since been released on DVD in both the UK and the US. Now, the Bram Stoker adaptation starring Sophia Myles as (eventual) vampire Lucy has been released on a German DVD!

Since there’s no new episode of ‘Moonlight’ until next week and the series is not yet airing anywhere outside the States – except in Australia as of next week Dec 12th at 9:30PM on Channel 9 – it might be a good idea to watch this film in the meantime. Buy the DVD on Amazon US, UK, Deutschland

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Hallam Foe & Dracula

Reminder: ‘Hallam Foe’ will have its world premiere this Friday at the Berlin Film Festival. The film has already had a market screening and the Hallam team has been busy meeting with potential buyers. The film’s publicist Mat Sanders has been busy these past few days signing up journalists to the interview schedule. Later this week he will be taking David, Jamie and Sophia to the festival’s official press conference, photocall and premiere screening on Friday and running all their press interviews. Read more about the whole preparation going on in Berlin at the film’s offficial blog.

A general UK theatrical release date has yet to be confirmed. LaunchingFilms is however listing August 31. But maybe the presentation at the Berlin Film Festival will get the film an earlier release?!

‘Dracula’ aired on PBS yesterday. The reviews aren’t that good. They didn’t say much about the performances but disliked mostly the lack of subtlety. Reuters:

It’s all suitably chilling and terrifying, and to be fair, it does stay true to Stoker’s novel in much of the plotting. But this reimagining is far more literal and unsubtle than your daddy’s “Dracula,” pushing its monstrous visuals and bloodletting to the forefront in a fashion that’s not captivating so much as overpowering.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to post and discuss at the messageboard!