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Podcast: Exclusive Fan Q&A – January 2009

Warrior FreyaTogether with this new still of Sophia Myles as warrior Viking princess Freya in the upcoming Outlander I have another treat for you all! Sophia Myles took the time to participate in another exclusive Fan Q&A and answered quite a number of the questions that were sent in by you guys.

As stated during the podcast I found it very challenging to be fair to every person who sent in a question but I think I almost managed to ask at least one question from everyone. And I think I forgot to mention the names of 2 or 3 people, please forgive me. Without further ado enjoy Podcast #5 feat. Sophia Myles!

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Message from Sophia

As all the active members of the messageboard know Kevin went to the taping of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and organized a lovely bouquet of flowers to be delivered to Sophia Myles from all of us here at Well, she did receive them and sent us a lovely thank you note as well as a picture:

To my Dearest Fans at,

Thank you all so much for the gift of the stunning bouquet of flowers that was delivered to my dressing room on The Late Late Show last night. The orchids are beautiful and I can smell the roses as I write this to you. Extra special thanks to Kevin, Maria, Jackie and Rachel for making this happen. You guys rock!

Sending you love, smiles and sunshine.

Sophia x x x

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‘Outlander’ World Premiere

I’ve just come back from Locarno. I’m far too tired to be creative and try to come up with a coherent report. But for now, let me just say how much I enjoyed watching ‘Outlander‘ in the open-air venue and what a fun gang the ‘Outlander‘ team is! More to come later. For now enjoy some pictures:

02 61. Film Festival Locarno – ‘Outlander’ Various
11 61. Film Festival Locarno – ‘Outlander’ Photocall
08 61. Film Festival Locarno – ‘Outlander’ Press Conference
04 61. Film Festival Locarno – ‘Outlander’ Dinner
09 61. Film Festival Locarno – ‘Outlander’ Premiere
10 61. Film Festival Locarno – Site Exclusive Photographs

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Sophia’s message to ‘Moonlight’ Fans

Sophia Myles passed on this lovely quote about the comeback of ‘Moonlight’ – and addresses especially all the ‘Moonlight’ fans:

Moonlight is getting ready to come back so fasten your seat belts! I believe that it is our passionate and ever growing fan base that has made it possible for us to tell more of this great story. My thanks to all Moonlight fans for their loyalty, support and seriously cool karma!” Love, Sophia Myles x x x

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Exclusive Fan Q&A

Guess what?! I received Sophia’s answers to the Fan Q&A today! While I’m working on a transcript for everybody not able to listen to it and another surprise for the site I’ve integrated Sophia’s recording into the site’s podcast format and you can simply click the podcast player here to listen to it.

Thanks a million to Sophia Myles for taking the time to generously answer so many questions. I’d also like to thank Giacun for your help with the technical aspect of everything.

There were many questions and obviously Sophia couldn’t answer all of them. However, she’s answered most and you can listen to her for 17 minutes. I certainly think she’s done a fantastic job. So, what are you waiting for? Click & enjoy!

• Read the transcript here