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New Agent Information

I have just received news from Sophia that she has changed her UK agent. Her new agent is Lindy King from United Agents, who has also worked with stars such as Keira Knightley, James McAvoy, Ricky Gervais and Alan Bennett.

Most importantly, a change of agent means a change of address. You can now send fanmail to Sophia via her agent at the following address:

Sophia Myles
c/o Lindy King
United Agents
12-26 Lexington Street
United Kingdom

If you are wanting a reply (such as sending pictures to be signed) then please ensure that you include a self-stamped, self-addressed envelope along with your letter. If you live outside of the UK make sure to enclose International Reply Coupons.

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Fanmail address & various updates

Some of you were wondering whether it was possible to send Sophia Myles fanmail to an address in the US now that she lives in LA. You can and here’s the address:

Sophia Myles
c/o Dar Rollins
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles
CA 90067

Then I updated the calendar, which was long overdue, it should now be totally up to date.

Also with shooting for ‘Moonlight’ currently taking place and less than 2 months to go till it airs on CBS I thought it was high time I opened a page for the show. Find it here. If you know of a fansite for lead actor Alex O’Loughlin that I could add to the site it’d be great if you could send it in 😉

Finally, Variety and Floridian released an article on the many British actors and actresses who have come to the US to work in television series. Here the Sophia quotes:

“British thesp Sophia Myles, who has a prominent role in the upcoming Eye drama “Moonlight,” said the British government had so cut funding for filmmaking in the U.K. that many actors needed to look abroad for work.”

“In England, at the moment, our government isn’t putting money into film,” said Myles. “As an actor, you have to travel where the work is.”

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New Poll + Contact Reminder

I’ve closed the poll. The question was: What do you think of ‘Tristan & Isolde’? It run from January 16 until May 9, 2006 and a total of 133 votes have been cast. The results:

1) Great story – great cinematography, great acting – Perfect 54.1 %
2) Entertaining, but what made it memorable was only Sophia Myles 12.0 %
3) Breathtaking scenery and a stunning performance by Sophia Myles 11.3 %
4) The whole movie and everyone involved could have been better 9.0 %
5) It would have been perfect but for the ending – not romantic enough 6.8 %
6) Sophia Myles was great – but the dialogue was cheesy 6.0 %
7) James Franco could have been better 0.8 %

The new poll is: I first noticed Sophia Myles in… – there are 10 choices. I’m looking forward to your votes!

I’d also like to welcome all of you new visitors. Many of you have come to admire Sophia’s acting talents in the recent Doctor Who episode.

There’s huge activity on the site at the moment (around 1,700 visitors each day), which is why I’d like to remind you NOT to HOTLINK to pictures from the gallery. Also the contact form on this site is to contact me (Maria) the webmaster of the site. If you wish to contact Sophia Myles or ask for an autograph you should try writing to her agency. The address is found here. Thanks! I don’t have the time to answer each email intended for Sophia Myles individually reminding everyone to contact her through the agency, sorry!

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Agency Adress change

The London agency Sophia Myles is represented by (Hamilton Hodell) has moved house! The new adress is:

Sophia Myles, c/o Christian Hodell, Fifth Floor, 66-68 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8SR United Kingdom.

The website, telephone and fax number remain the same.

I’ve added tons of new pictures. They were donated by Marilynka and you can view them by clicking here. Even though they’re watermarked they’re of quite good quality.