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Signed Sophia Portrait in Berlin

Tomorrow is the first day of the 60th Berlin International Film Festival. To celebrate the anniversary a number of special events and exhibitions are planned and there’s also a special section on their website. As you may know Sophia Myles attended the film festival in 2007 when her movie ‘Hallam Foe‘ had its world premiere there.

The Berlinale star portraits, taken by our photographer Gerhard Kassner and signed by the portrayed stars before their gala premieres at the Berlinale Palast, are familiar to every Festival goer. As part of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Berlinale, a selection of the 812 portraits taken since 2003 will be displayed in a comprehensive photo exhibition in public space throughout Berlin in numerous City Light Poster display cases.

This portrait of Sophia was taken on February 16, 2007 at 2.22 pm. See some screencaptures of Sophia signing the portrait here.

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Massive screencaps update

Loads of screencaps of clips of Sophia Myles at public events and being interviewed. Links to view the clips are given in most cases – some have also been uploaded to the site’s media vault. Especially noteworthy the 18 (!) minute long uncut Moonlight interview as well as the previously unseen – at least by me – Tristan & Isolde interviews from 2006.

106 Fangoria’s Weekend Of Horrors – ‘Moonlight’ Watch clip on YouTube.
023 The Paley Center for Media – ‘Moonlight’ event Download clip from Media Vault.
210 Berlin Film Festival – ‘Hallam Foe’ Premiere Download clip from Media Vault.
131 2008 – Daemon’s TV for Moonlight. Watch clip on YouTube.
051 2008 – for Moonlight. Watch clip on YouTube.
444 2007 – ProSieben Watch uncut Moonlight interview (18 min) on Pro7.
027 2006 – for Tristan & Isolde. Download clip from Media Vault.
165 2006 – IFilm for Tristan & Isolde. Download clip from Media Vault.

EDIT: You can now watch these clips in our new media archive (here)

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‘Outlander’ World Premiere

I’ve just come back from Locarno. I’m far too tired to be creative and try to come up with a coherent report. But for now, let me just say how much I enjoyed watching ‘Outlander‘ in the open-air venue and what a fun gang the ‘Outlander‘ team is! More to come later. For now enjoy some pictures:

02 61. Film Festival Locarno – ‘Outlander’ Various
11 61. Film Festival Locarno – ‘Outlander’ Photocall
08 61. Film Festival Locarno – ‘Outlander’ Press Conference
04 61. Film Festival Locarno – ‘Outlander’ Dinner
09 61. Film Festival Locarno – ‘Outlander’ Premiere
10 61. Film Festival Locarno – Site Exclusive Photographs

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‘Hallam Foe’ at French Film Festival

Last year, ‘Hallam Foe‘ was screened at the Festival du Film Britannique du Dinard (Dinard British Film Festival) in France and won the Hitchcock d’or 2007 as well as the Trophée Hitchcock Kodak Limited.

Now this year, just before the official festival starts, the film – with the “French” title ‘My name is Hallam Foe‘ – will be screened as part of Le Festival des scolaires (School’s Festival), a festival for students which affords them the opportunity to improve their knowledge of British films. A jury of local English teachers selected the films from last year’s edition for this special festival – among them ‘Hallam Foe‘. Good choice, I say! The School’s Festival runs from Monday 29th September to Thursday 2nd October. Visit the School’s Festival homepage.

Many thanks AD for the heads up!

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More ‘Outlander’ News

Many of you have wondered when ‘Outlander‘ would finally be released in the US. It seems that the Weinstein Company who owns the North American distribution rights is having some financial problems. There have been rumours of them planning to release the film on only 50 screens and then put the film on DVD. The other rumour was that they’re trying to find a new distributor. Definitely the film is deserving to get a wide release so we’re hoping for the best. The respected website Ain’t It Cool News recently had an open letter to Harvey Weinstein. Read it in the press archive – and I’m sure it’ll make you want to see the film even more, it’s written so enthuasiastically!

It’s a good cast. John Hurt and Ron Perlman and Jim Caviezel and Sophia Myles and this Jack Huston guy who should be due his big break any second. All of them are rock solid in it

As always visit the Outlander fansite for all your ‘Outlander‘ info.

Fantasy Filmfest Germany:Outlander‘ is showing in Hamburg (August 18, 7.15 pm), Berlin (August 19, 7.15 pm / August 20, 7.45 pm), Köln (August 21, 7.15 pm), Dortmund (August 27, 7.15 pm), Frankfurt (August 27, 7.15 pm), Nürnberg (August 29, 9.15 pm / August 30, 1.00 pm), München (September 4, 7.15 pm / September 5, 3.00 pm) and Stuttgart (September 7, 7.00 pm / September 10, 3.00 pm). For information on location visit the film’s site at the festival’s official website.

Photo: 9 Outlander – Trailer
Media: 1 Outlander – Trailer

EDIT: You can now watch these clips in our new media archive (here)