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Exclusive “From Hell” Pictures

Sophia Myles sent us exclusive pictures taken on the set of ‘From Hell‘ – which was filmed in 2000. Sophia is pictured with her co-star Johnny Depp and the directors of the movie The Hughes Brothers. Thank you so much!

Wishing everybody lots of love & joy together with their loved ones!

003 From Hell (2001) > ** Exclusive **

[edit Dec 27] Added one more!

New videos & various site updates

split the video section into the following subsections:
• Movie Trailer & Clips • Movie Featurettes • Music Videos

Except for the music video page, every section features new videos such as the only scene featuring Sophia Myles in ‘From Hell’. The file lenghts are not yet updated, I’ll do that later on. There’s also a new audiofile where you can listen to Sophia answering the press at an Art School Confidential event. Enjoy!

Rebecca from Geraldine McEwan Com sent in the Sophia Myles part of the press release for ‘Marple: Sleeping Murder’. Read it here.

Over the past few months I’ve been collecting bits and pieces of additional information, mostly for the projects section. I’ll be updating the site with these over the course of the coming weeks.

EDIT: You can now watch these clips in our new media archive (here)

Gallery update

Note by Maria, May 6, Meghan’s Underworld screen caps have now been replaced by mine taken from the DVD.

Added new pictures. A Scan from Vanity Fair, April (sent to me by Gary, thank you very much), the screen caps by Meghan (thanks a lot) and screen caps from ‘From Hell’

Vanity Fair, April 2003 // Underworld // Making Of // From Hell