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Large Gallery Update!

As you may have noticed, the gallery has been a little ‘busy’ these last couple of days. I have finally had time to sit down and go through all the images I have of Sophia on my laptop and upload those that were missing from the site! There are quite a few events pictures that have been added along with various artwork and promotional/production images for Sophia’s past projects. Here is just a small selection but I have listed all updated albums below for you to browse 🙂

I have also added Sophia’s first Transformers 4 interview to the press archive – hopefully we will be getting more soon!

Photo Gallery:
004 Scans from 2010 > Various Clippings
001 Scans from 2010 > Hot TV (UK) – September 17
001 Scans from 2010 > The Telegraph (UK) – September 17
001 Scans from 2010 > Daily Express (UK) – September 18
011 Events in 2004 > ‘Thunderbirds’ London Premiere
010 Events in 2005 > ‘Otherwise Engaged’ Press Night – After Party
010 Events in 2006 > Sony Ericsson Empire Film Awards
001 Events in 2007 > Marks & Spencer Autumn/Winter 2007 Collection Preview
007 Events in 2007 > Doctor Who Series 3 Screening
001 Events in 2007 > 57th Berlin International Film Festival – ‘Hallam Foe’ Premiere
003 Events in 2007 > 57th Berlin International Film Festival – ‘Hallam Foe’ Photocall
001 Events in 2010 > British Independent Film Awards
003 Events in 2011 > The Old Vic 24 Hour Plays Celebrity Gala – Aftershow Party
004 Events in 2011 > VIP Screening of ‘The Artist’
006 Events in 2012 > Soho Theatre Fundraising Gala
010 Events in 2012 > The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
006 Events in 2012 > Leaving Soho Theatre
013 Events in 2012 > Chiller Theatre Convention
013 Events in 2013 > Leaving the theatre after seeing ‘Uncle Vanya’
003 Events in 2013 > Pain and Gain – LA Premiere
011 Fanart & Various > Twitter Uploads
001 Short Films > A Sunny Morning (2012) Production Stills
003 Voice Work > Kicking the Air (2012)
002 Theatre > Utopia (2012)
001 Out of Bounds (2002) > Artwork & Posters
001 Underworld (2003) > Artwork & Posters
003 Hallam Foe (2007) > Artwork & Posters
005 Outlander (2008) > Production Stills
002 Outlander (2008) > On Set
002 Outlander (2008) > Artwork & Posters
025 Gallows Hill (2013) > On Set
001 Gallows Hill (2013) > Artwork & Posters
001 Blackwood (2013) > Artwork & Posters
008 Blackwood (2013) > On Set
001 Transformers 4 (2014) > On Set
001 Foyles War: A Lesson in Murder (2002) > Artwork & Posters
001 Colditz (2005) > On Set
001 Colditz (2005) > Promotional Photoshoot
004 Marple: Sleeping Murder > Production Stills
002 Dracula (2006) > Artwork & Posters
003 Moonlight (2007/08) > Promotional Photoshoot
006 Moonlight (2007/08) > Production Stills
009 Moonlight (2007/08) > On Set
002 Unknown Sessions > Set 001

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Movie/TV/Misc Gallery Updates

The second batch of gallery updates that I have for you all. In addition to new production stills for Spooks, Oliver Twist, Thunderbirds, Tristan & Isolde, Art School Confidential, Hallam Foe, The Abduction Club, Outlander, Nicholas Nickleby and Foyles War, I have also uploaded some a 7-page article dedicated to Sophia’s Doctor Who episode, The Girl in the Fireplace which was published in Issue 434 of Doctor Who Magazine:

I would also like to say a massive thank you to Mariana for sending in this gorgeous outtake from Sophia’s photoshoot for Glamour Magazine in 2006

Photo Gallery

007 Scans from 2011 > Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 434 (UK) – June 1
004 Spooks, Season 9 (2010) > Production Stills
004 Outlander (2008) > Production Stills
005 Hallam Foe (2007) > Production Stills
001 Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace (2006) > On Set
001 Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace (2006) > Production Stills
003 Art School Confidential (2006) > Production Stills
009 Tristan & Isolde (2006) > Production Stills
002 Tristan & Isolde (2006) > Promotional Photoshoot
002 Colditz (2005) > Production Stills
009 Thunderbirds (2004) > Production Stills
003 Thunderbirds (2004) > On Set
001 Foyle’s War: A Lesson In Murder (2002) > Promotional Photoshoot
002 The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (2001) > Production Stills
011 Oliver Twist (1999) > Production Stills
001 Mansfield Park (1999) > Production Stills

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Signed Sophia Portrait in Berlin

Tomorrow is the first day of the 60th Berlin International Film Festival. To celebrate the anniversary a number of special events and exhibitions are planned and there’s also a special section on their website. As you may know Sophia Myles attended the film festival in 2007 when her movie ‘Hallam Foe‘ had its world premiere there.

The Berlinale star portraits, taken by our photographer Gerhard Kassner and signed by the portrayed stars before their gala premieres at the Berlinale Palast, are familiar to every Festival goer. As part of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Berlinale, a selection of the 812 portraits taken since 2003 will be displayed in a comprehensive photo exhibition in public space throughout Berlin in numerous City Light Poster display cases.

This portrait of Sophia was taken on February 16, 2007 at 2.22 pm. See some screencaptures of Sophia signing the portrait here.

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Australian ‘Hallam Foe’ TV Premiere

Thanks Chris for sending me this information. ‘Hallam Foe‘ is making its premiere on Australian TV on the 6th of May on the Showtime Channel. It will be repeated on the 7th, 18th and 30th May.

This is good news as ‘Hallam Foe‘ was not picked up by any DVD stores that Chris has been into in Tasmania. So if you live in Australia and haven’t seen this lovely film – featuring an award winning performance by Sophia Myles no less – be sure to tune in. Read more about ‘Hallam Foe‘.

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Amazon Shops

I am very sorry for the lack of updates recently but real life has certainly been keeping me very busy. In addition, it’s been rather quiet in the Sophia world. Still, there are a number of things I need to update on. First, a number of Sophia’s projects have been released on DVD since my last update: Mister Foe in the US, and Moonlight in the UK and in Germany. I’m sure these are excellent gift ideas for yourself or your loved ones!

I’ve added 4 international Amazon Stores to this site. I’ve tried to find all the Sophia Myles related products and added them to the shops. This should enable you to find the various DVDs, soundtracks, audiobooks etc much quicker – all with the same information and for the exact same price as if you were to browse the main Amazon site.

In addition, when you decide to buy your Sophia Myles products via these stores you help me earn small referral fees without actually having to pay extra. I in turn will be able to spend these on new DVDs etc to continue providing you with new screencaptures. Thank you for your support! Read more at Site Policy.