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‘Hallam Foe’ at French Film Festival

Last year, ‘Hallam Foe‘ was screened at the Festival du Film Britannique du Dinard (Dinard British Film Festival) in France and won the Hitchcock d’or 2007 as well as the Trophée Hitchcock Kodak Limited.

Now this year, just before the official festival starts, the film – with the “French” title ‘My name is Hallam Foe‘ – will be screened as part of Le Festival des scolaires (School’s Festival), a festival for students which affords them the opportunity to improve their knowledge of British films. A jury of local English teachers selected the films from last year’s edition for this special festival – among them ‘Hallam Foe‘. Good choice, I say! The School’s Festival runs from Monday 29th September to Thursday 2nd October. Visit the School’s Festival homepage.

Many thanks AD for the heads up!

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‘Mister Foe’ coming to US theaters after all?

Last time we made an update about the US release of ‘Hallam Foe‘ (re-titled ‘Mister Foe‘ for the US) the information proved to be outdated. Now, it seems there’s a new release schedule. Let’s hope it’s true! The film is scheduled to be released on September 5.

But wait, there’s a catch. According to this is a very limited release: “Exclusive to the Angelika Film Center in New York City”.

In fact, the US distributor’s website lists only these other additional play dates (it may very well be that the film will only be screened once on each day):
October 10: Gainesville, FL: Hippodrome – Gainesville
October 22: Wilkes-Barre, PA: FM Kirby Center for Performing Arts

Else, there’s news that the film’s soundtrack will be released in the US on September 9. You might remember that ‘Hallam Foe‘ received a Silver Bear award for Best Music In A Film at the Berlin Film Festival (2007).

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Movie updates

Here some updates on Sophia’s current movie productions:

Latest news for ‘Hallam Foe‘ is that the film got a limited release in US theatres last Friday, June 6. Remember, the film is playing under the new title ‘Mister Foe‘. I don’t know in what cities the film is actually playing so if anyone has any info on that it’d be greatly appreciated.

‘Outlander‘ was screened for the first time in its entirety at the film market during the Cannes Film Festival last month. Those were industry screenings so feedback is scarce. However the ever so brilliant Outlander website came across a promising short review by Fangoria:

Unashamedly crowd-pleasing is Howard McCain’s epic science-fiction/fantasy OUTLANDER, the final film seen in Cannes. Jim Caviezel is an intergalactic astronaut who crashes his spaceship in 700 A.D. Norway and unleashes a giant alien creature on the local Viking population. Big, glossy and hugely enjoyable, it commingles fun adventure cliches with wildly unhistoric abandon, all acted with solid conviction by Caviezel, John Hurt, Perlman and Sophia Myles. There’s gore aplenty, the thrills are nonstop and the neon-etched CGI monster is pretty damn good too.

The film seems to have a definite release date in France (July 30 pushed back to August 15) and I sure hope we’ll soon get a trailer!

Various places have reported that Sophia Myles is busy shooting a new movie called ‘Buddha’s Little Finger‘. That is not true. The film never got the greenlight as long as Sophia was attached (which was months before she got the part in ‘Moonlight‘). Should it really be in production now – as the IMDb is reporting – it is without Sophia.

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‘Hallam Foe’ Extras & Release Info

Ok, here the caps of the ‘Hallam Foe’ DVD Extras:

25 Hallam Foe – DVD Screencaptures > Deleted Scene
47 Hallam Foe – DVD Screencaptures > Podcasts
02 Hallam Foe – DVD Screencaptures > Menu
01 Hallam Foe – DVD Sleeve
01 Hallam Foe – Production Still

There is also some new information about the release of the film in other countries. Titled ‘Mister Foe’ the film has a new date for a US release: June 2008. It will come out on a German DVD on March 6. DVD Extras on the German DVD will include Trailer, B-Roll & Soundbites (Pre-Order) and on the Swiss DVD Trailer, Interviews & Photocall. Pre-Order)