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‘Moonlight’ shines in the UK / Hallam in Palm Springs

It’s official: DigitalSpy is reporting that UK channel Living will be airing ‘Moonlight’ as of February 19 at 10 pm.

Earlier this month, ‘Hallam Foe’ was shown as ‘Mister Foe’ at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. It is supposed to get a theatrical release in the US this March.

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‘Hallam Foe’ DVD

hallamfoe-dvd.jpgGreat news for our visitors from the UK. ‘Hallam Foe’ is coming to DVD! Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is releasing it on February 4, 2008. Pre-Order on

Special Features will include:
• Deleted Scenes
• Deleted Scenes with Directors Commentary
• Interviews with cast and crew
• Feature Film with Directors Commentary

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Sophia nominated for a British Independent Film Award

Absolutely fantastic news!!!! Variety just announced the nominees of this year’s British Independent Film Awards. And guess what?! Sophia Myles got nominated in the category Best Performance by an Actress in a British Independent Film for her work in ‘Hallam Foe’. Congratulations! Sophia so deserves this nomination and let’s all hope she wins! She faces competition from Anne Hathaway (Becoming Jane), Tannishtha Chatterjee (Brick Lane), Kierston Wareing (It’s a Free World…), and Judi Dench (Notes on a Scandal).

The film itself scored a total of 6 nominations (additionally in the categories: Best British Independent Film, Best Performance by an Actor in a British Independent Film, Best Screenplay, Best Director of a British Independent Film, Best Technical Achievement). Congrats and the best of luck to the whole team of ‘Hallam Foe’! See the list of all the nominations here.

The awards ceremony will take place Nov. 28 at the Roundhouse in north London.

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‘Hallam Foe’ – my opinion

I finally saw ‘Hallam Foe’ last night – and absolutely loved it. Sure, it is a peculiar film with dark material. But it is great and very entertaining nontheless. Even a film to watch again. And it is certainly Sophia’s best work to date! This marks the first time I’ve seen Sophia on the big screen. ‘Mansfield Park’ (I didn’t have time to see in the cinema) and ‘From Hell’ (doesn’t really count) came out before I knew of Sophia. ‘Underworld’ isn’t my cup of tea so I didn’t want to pay to see it in the cinema and ‘Tristan & Isolde’ was on our screens here only for a limited time – and I was not feeling well at that time. All other films didn’t make it to the cinema here in Switzerland. It is a shame for Sophia looks great on the big screen.

I wrote a synopsis of the film, a description of Sophia’s role, collected some quotes from reviews, Sophia interviews and the like and ended with my comments on the film. See it all on this site’s mini-page for Hallam Foe.

What are your thoughts of the film? Don’t hesitate to discuss it in the forum.

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New Sophia interview

Ever since I knew they were at the Berlin Film Festival back in February and interviewed Sophia Myles I have been anticipating their interview: Today as Hallam Foe opens in theatres in Switzerland it is finally online on their website: I’m happy they also have it in English – so head over or to the site’s press archive to read it.

They also have one with Jamie Bell where he lets out the secret on his on-screen chemistry with Sophia Myles:

ON: You have an awesome chemistry with Sophia Myles in the film, for instance when you’re flirting in the bar. JB: For that scene we just got wasted. It usually helps a scene like that, if you are drunk. It’s boring to pretend to be drunk. (He laughs) Sophia is playing a very interesting character. She’s broken inside. She has a marriage that ended. She’s now sleeping with her boss which I’m sure isn’t the most pleasant experience. Suddenly this weird guy comes along who is a bit off the coffin. I guess for a character like Kate this youthful energy would be very intriguing. He really loves her and looks at her like she’s coming from heaven. For such a broken character this is incredible attractive.