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Sexiest Stars 2008

Sophia Myles wasn’t featured in TV Guide’s Sexiest Stars issue – but their readers were asked who they should have included as well: Sophia is one of them:

Our readers tell us who we left off our sexy stars countdown
Sophia Myles: This gorgeous object of vampire Mick’s affection burns up the screen with her cool blue eyes and understated sensuality. No wonder so many readers wanted her on the sexiest stars list!


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Outlander site

With the filming for Sophia’s next big adventure on the big screen ‘Outlander’ still being in full swing reports of people who spent some time on the set are surfacing on the net. Now a site has been set up to gather all of these – and pictures. They’re mostly of the set and the extras but they sure give as an impression of what the film will look like, setting- and costume-wise. Anyway, the people from that site are certainly doing their best to keep us up to date on the production of the upcoming film, Outlander.

 Recommended visit: Outlander – A Sci-Fi Viking Epic

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Hallam Foe UK release

The latest UK release information (I hope this is definite) for ‘Hallam Foe’ is January 26, 2007.

When you visit the film’s blog you’ll see that they’re trying to build up great mouth-to-mouth-publicity. Part of the strategy are also MySpace accounts for the film characters. Visit the ones for Hallam Foe (Jamie Bell) and Kate Breck (Sophia Myles). Remember, these accounts are for fictive movie characters and the people managing are not the actors but the movie’s publicity people!!

And make sure to visit our new affiliate James Franco [dot] com.

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Funny girls of summer 2006

Mike informs me that Sophia was voted one of the funniest girls of summer 2006 on AOL Movies. The list’s tagline reads: “They’re witty AND pretty — a winning combo”. Go and see it here (Sophia’s on the second page).

Why She’s a Laugh: The Brit beauty is a nude model in Terry Zwigoff’s rendition of a Daniel Clowes graphic novel, and though there’s nothing funny about that, exactly, it definitely makes us smile. A lot.”