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A new interview

Last week the California Chronicle re-published an interview with Sophia from the Belfast Telegraph. While it’s a short one contrary to the other recent articles it’s a full interview and she talks about ‘Outlander‘, ‘Moonlight‘ (which is currently airing on Virgin1 in the UK on Monday nights), ‘Thunderbirds‘, ‘Doctor Who‘ as well as the persistent rumour about ‘Buddha’s Little Finger‘ (it’s definitely not happening). Enjoy the read!

5 minutes with… Sophia Myles, Belfast Telegraph &, August 22

[edit:] I replaced the article with another re-publication by wich has the additional sentence “I know it’s still acting but it’s like the difference between, say, painting in watercolour and painting in oils” in Sophia’s answer to the question about stage work.

WHAT’S BEEN YOUR FAVOURITE ROLE OVER THE YEARS? I really would struggle to pick one role because each film is like a different adventure. Each film-making experience is unique in its own way.

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‘Outlander’ UK Promotion

Thanks Chrissy for telling us about ‘Outlander‘s official UK website having more content. Be sure to visit to get all excited for the upcoming UK release on April 24! Additionally, you can also stay updated about everything Outlander on Facebook and Twitter.

Following Outlander items have been added to the site:
OUTLANDER – Sophia Myles Q+A really lovely
Outlander – Production Stills x2 – trying to get better versions of these soon
Outlander – Trailer x10 – UK Trailer

Oh, and my French ‘Outlander’ DVD got shipped today – should arrive on Thursday or Friday. I’m so excited!

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Elle Magazine – Diet Diary

The new February issue of Elle (UK) magazine with Kate Winslet on the cover has an article about Sophia Myles. It’s called Diet Diary and is basically about Sophia’s weekly food intake with a nutritionist’s opinion about it. Many thanks to my friend Riikka for the heads up as well as for scanning the magazine. View the scan. And here’s the transcript from the press archive.

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Various magazine clippings

I scanned some various older clippings with Sophia content and transcribed those articles that hadn’t been in the press archive yet. Big thank you to Lorna for making some of these available to me!

Press Archive
Sophia Myles, My first…, TVQuick (UK), March 15, 2008
The female factor, The Independent (UK), March 10, 2008
Escape from hell!, Unknown, around March 2005
Get ready for… Sophia Myles, More! (UK), May 14-27, 2003

Photo Gallery
02 The Live and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby – Production Stills
02 Daily Express (UK) – April 13, 2001 (I think I’m missing one of the pages for this one, sorry)
01 The Mirror (UK) – April 7, 2001
02 Sunday Mirror (UK) – March 31, 2001
01 More! (UK) – May 14-27, 2003
02 3am (UK) – July, 2004
01 Various Clippings 2005
01 TVQuick (UK) – March 15-21, 2008
04 Various Clippings 2008, Thank you Lorna for scanning most of these!

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Vampire & Slayers talk to Sophia

Thanks Ed Gross for the heads up to an audio clip of an interview he conducted with Sophia Myles back when “Moonlight” was getting ready to go back into production following the strike of the Writer’s Guild of America. I’m guessing the interview took place at the end of February 2008. To listen to it visit his website Vampire & Slayer and join their community (for free). Direct link to the interview.

I received an email today from NLStore informing me – as far I was able to gather from the Dutch email – that they shipped out my copy of the “The Prince and the Pauper” DVD today and that I should receive it in my mail within a week or so. Finally! It’s already been almost a month since I placed the order.