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Small audio interview & more

After Tuesday’s press junket for “Mister Foe” the first interview with Sophia Myles has surfaced online. It’s an audio snippet and is available on Hollywood Outbreak. Listen to Sophia talking about the stigma that’s attached to vicar’s daughters and the sex scenes in this movie. Thanks Stacey for the heads up!

On other news 10-year-old Shelby interviewed Alex O’Loughlin for her website and he mentioned Sophia Myles when answering a question about who made him laugh on the “Moonlight” set. Listen to the interview here. (Allow some time for the site to load as there is currently an overflow of visitors to that site). Thanks moviefnatic for the heads up!

I’d also like to bring something from a post’s comments section to everyone’s attention. It’s some new information regarding the “Outlander” DVD rumour. Official word from The Weinstein Company (US distributors) is that there is NO OFFICIAL DVD date yet for the movie. That was just an error on the parts of the two e-commerce sites that listed it. In fact The Weinstein Company will be reaching out to the two retailers (Movies Unlimited and Amazon) and will hopefully have that erroneous information removed. Thanks for the heads up echorock!

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New interview & stills

Just trying to catch up on a few things I have previously missed to add to the site these days. I’ve added 18 additional HQ stills from the “Moonlight” episodes 10, 13 and 14. I’m only missing the stills from episode 16 now. I know they’re available on various sites but I’d hate to just take them. Could anyone donate those? It’d be much appreciated. Screencaps of the last 2 episodes are on their way.

Back in April the newspaper “Wales on Sunday” published a very interesting “5 minute” interview with Sophia Myles. Read it here in our press archive.

How environmentally friendly are you?
“As friendly as I can be. I know that my biggest contribution to any kind of bad things like carbon emissions is I fly a lot, but I always try to offset that. When you book tickets with British Airways you can pay the amount that your flight will cost to replant a tree. I thought if I’m going to buy a car in a foreign city I should buy something that’s friendly to the environment, and I try to keep myself as educated as much as I can.”
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
“I like me just the way I am.”

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‘Hallam Foe’ Goodies

Not sure which title to use. But with all the excitement that ‘Hallam Foe‘ finally gets released in the US as ‘Mister Foe‘ I remembered I still had some goodies hiding in some folder on my computer.

There are 2 really lovely interviews with Sophia Myles that I found on the German and Swiss DVD editions respectively. Even though the “Swiss” interview looks like the ZDF interview – they were both conducted at the Berlin Film Festival – this one is actually even better. Also straight from last year’s edition of the Berlin International Film Festival: the ‘Hallam Foe’ Photocall & Press Conference as aired on the Livestream at the time. Enjoy!

Again, be sure to check out the movie’s play dates on the distributor’s website and if you’re in any way able to get HD TV don’t forget the entire movie will be shown as a Sneak Preview on HDNet Movies, September 3 at 8 PM ET, with encores at 9:45 PM ET and 11:30 PM ET. I’m sure watching these interviews will get you all excited for the movie!

Gallery links:
033 DVD Screencaptures > B-Roll
141 DVD Screencaptures > Interview (German DVD)
107 DVD Screencaptures > Interview (Swiss DVD)
071 2007 – 57th Berlin International Film Festival – ‘Hallam Foe’ Photocall
131 2007 – 57th Berlin International Film Festival – ‘Hallam Foe’ Press Conference

Video links:
002 Movies > 2007 Hallam Foe (also on YouTube here and here)
002 Public Appearances > 2007

EDIT: You can now watch these clips in our new media archive (here)

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New interview

Again, from the set of ‘Moonlight‘ but a bit more extensive than the recent ones. Sophia Myles talks of course about vampires and her character Beth but also about the comparisons between the ‘Doctor Who‘ episode ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ and ‘Moonlight‘, about her upcoming movie ‘Outlander‘ as well as her beginnings as an actress.

Sophia Myles On The Set Of ‘Moonlight’, MediaBlvd Magazine, May 16

The minute I walked onto a film set, I just completely fell in love, hook, line and sinker. I was madly in love with it. From then on, I knew that that was the only thing I wanted to do, so I got myself an agent and just kept plowing away.

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Latest press items

The current comeback of ‘Moonlight‘ also got written about in the press. I added 3 articles with Sophia-relevant information to the press archive:

Myles Sure CBS To Renew Moonlight, SciFi Wire, April 30
Tidbits about the final episodes of ‘Moonlight’ from Fango’s Weekend of Horrors, iF Magazine, May 1
The biting truth, Zap2It, May 4

There’s a lot of life change that’s happened to her. And it’s been very, very interesting to play. I mean, I try and play her as I see her, [a] very pure, very honest soul. And I tried to play it in such a way that the female audience who are watching it can imagine themselves standing in my shoes and really live the love story through me. I kind of use myself as a vessel for that.

And if you’re a fanvids creator on YouTube there’s a real chance Sophia might have seen yours:

I’ve seen lots of them on YouTube. It’s really lovely. When an audience falls in love with a couple, it’s so much more powerful than falling in love with an individual character.