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Please remember this site also has a Messageboard and it would be great if you could head over and share your thoughts on any of Sophia’s projects. The few active members are feeling a bit lonely and with ‘Moonlight’ currently airing and ‘Hallam Foe’ out in some parts of Europe, I believe we have quite something to talk about!

Also please vote & comment on what new features you would like to see on this site.

If you would like to re-live some of the Mick & Beth (McBeth apparently has become their shipper name – those of you interested in that kind of thing know what I’m talking about) magical moments I suggest visiting YouTube as there are already quite a number of fan-made videos. This is my favourite one so far.

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The Messageboard: Open again!

After far too long the & Messageboard is back online! It looks slightly different but we hope you’ll quickly find your way around the new system. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have a question or encounter a problem!

The Messageboard

You’re very welcome to join the discussion. Expect an even better look soon!I’ve also been working on an exclusive collection of icons for this site. They’re available in the gallery but they’re also linked to the messageboard. For information on how to use them in the board read this topic.

Icons copyright

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Messageboard etc.

A BIG Thank You goes to Gavin from the original Sophia Myles site ( His message board (with Erika as hostess) is also for my site. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the BOARD to chat about Sophia and her work!

Another very big Thank You to Ruth: She sent me tons of Sophia pictures – also some fabulous ‘Thunderbirds’ stills – view them here.

And there’s a new article: (The one picture that hasn’t been published before is now in the gallery.
» No strings attached Sunday Express UK, June 13, 2004

This article is very interesting because it talks about another new project for Sophia: ITV’s interpretation of ‘Colditz’. More about this mini-series to follow.

And since ‘Oliver Twist’ has been released on DVD – Region 1, USA, Canada – I was able to make some screen caps of that excellent series. View them here.

I’ve also added a poll question: What is your favourite film? Please take the time to give your answer. Thanks a lot.