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Promo Video for tonight

I missed the actual promo video for tonight’s episode in my last update. Watch the absolutely fantastic preview (I believe it gives away the major plot however) here on YouTube. It catches up nicely on what’s happened so far and promises us a very powerful episode.

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Tomorrow: Love Lasts Forever

Tomorrow evening on CBS at 9pm a brand new episode of ‘Moonlight’ will air. Synopsis for ‘Love Lasts Forever’:

Mick and Beth attempt to rescue Josh after he is kidnapped by a vindictive drug lord – Josh’s fate is in Mick and Beth’s hands when he is kidnapped by a vindictive drug lord. But when the rescue takes a turn for the worse, Beth asks Mick to do the impossible.

Watch a scene from the episode on YouTube.

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Moonlight wins People’s Choice Award

Congratulations! ‘Moonlight’ has won its first award: The cool vampire series is now officially this year’s “Favorite New TV Drama”. Over 10 million votes were cast and ‘Moonlight’ won at the 34th Annual People’s Choice Awards. The 2 other finalists in this category were ‘Private Practice’ and ‘Gossip Girl’.

Due to the current writers’ strike there was no proper awards ceremony – however the winners pre-recorded acceptance speeches as well as answered some questions from fans. Head over to Moonlight Detective to watch Alex O’Loughlin’s cool thank you speech – recorded apparently at a beach down-under.

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Sophia talks Alex

TVGuide have just published an article about ‘Moonlight’s leading star Alex O’Loughlin. The article as a whole is very informative – head over & read it – and quotes Sophia Myles on her costar:

“He’s a bundle of energy. And he’s funny — he makes me laugh all night long. With our schedule, 16 hours a day, six days a week, I couldn’t have hoped for anyone more wonderful to work with.

What’s great about Alex is he can turn on the sex for the job, but he never abuses his good looks. He knows his place in the universe.”