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Episode 9: Fleur de Lis – Screencaptures

I am so sorry for my delay in bringing you the latest pictures of ‘Moonlight’ but here we go.

News on the series itself sound promising! After a short break over Thanksgiving – that allowed Sophia Myles to jet to London and quickly see her family and friends for the first time since July – cast & crew are busy shooting episode 12. As we all know this is the last script because of the writers’ strike and might actually really be the season finale. However, read what Les Moonves, CBS Corp. president & CEO, said at the 35th annual UBS Global Media & Communications Conference in New York on December 4: two freshman shows (‘Moonlight’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’) are likely to return next season source. Sounds good to me!

Also thanks mrfg for informing me that the series has been airing in Brazil for about a month now. It’s on The Warner Channel, 10 pm, every Wednesday. So, be sure to tune in!

002 Moonlight – Episode 9: Fleur de Lis – Promo thanks to Moonlight Fans
373 Moonlight – Episode 9: Fleur de Lis – Screencaptures
001 Moonlight – Episode 10: Sleeping Beauty – Promo thanks to Moonlight Fans
004 Moonlight – Wallpapers

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Tonight: Fleur de Lis

Be sure to tune in tonight to watch episode 9 of ‘Moonlight’ called Fleur de Lis. Synopsis:

“Beth is jealous when Mick begins working closely on a case with mysterious photographer Morgan. Spurred on by her bruised ego, Beth takes it upon herself to research Morgan’s background and discovers she isn’t who she claims to be.”

Head over to Moonlight Fans to watch a very spoilery clip of a scene from the episode as well as the preview trailer.

After tonight we won’t get any new episode for 3 weeks: episode 10 will air on December 14.

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‘Moonlight’ and the strike

With the writer’s strike still going on we are all wondering what is going to happen to ‘Moonlight’. Despite the fact that we really want the writers to get paid for their creative efforts I’m sure from an audience point of view we are also very anxious to keep getting entertaining & gripping television shows.

Anyhow, confirming some reports & rumours here: They are currently shooting Episode 11 of ‘Moonlight’ and will then be moving on to Episode 12 – but that is the last script they have because of the writer’s strike. Other than that nothing is sure – the cast is hoping to come back next year but haven’t heard anything as of yet.