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Birthday Letter from Sophia

Hello People….

It’s 6.30am and I have just woken up. It’s my birthday today. I am 30. WOO HOO!
I have 2 hours before a car picks me and takes me to a secret location in London to film scenes on a tube train.
It’s fun being back in front of the camera…. (more will be revealed).

I wanted to write today to say thank you to all the ASM members for their Birthday wishes.
It’s heartwarming to read your posts and I hope you are all well and happy.

Also to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone involved in making my beautiful keepsake book for Moonlight. Special thanks again to Lee Ann Gradwell.
I spoke to Alex O’loughlin last night and he is eagerly awaiting
the arrival of his keepsake book.
He informs me that he is shooting his new show. He’s tanned, he’s toned and he’s getting his tits out in Hawaii! We shall never forget the magic of Moonlight. (See photo)

I need to make coffee at this point so I bid you all farewell.
Spring is upon us so enjoy!

I’ll be in touch…

Sophia xxx

Thank you so much Sophia for getting in touch and may you have a wonderful day! Lots of love, laughter and sunshine to you!

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Scans – SFX Magazine & The Daily Mail

Thanks to our messageboard member Emily we have scans of the full ‘Moonlight‘ feature in the recent collection issue about vampires of UK’s SFX Magazine. Thanks a lot!!

I also added a scan of today’s The Daily Mail with the blurb about Sophia’s Asian adventure. Enjoy!

009 SFX Magazine (UK) – Collection Issue “Vampires”
001 The Daily Mail (UK) – August 24

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‘Moonlight’ to re-air in the UK

Our messageboard member Chrissy – who’s currently house-bound – spotted an ad on TV saying that ‘Moonlight‘ is soon airing on freeview channel Virgin 1. A little internet digging revealed that the first episode airs on August 10, 9pm and then the series will air regularly Mondays at 9pm on Virgin 1 (source). This is great news for all of you who don’t have Sky, and therefore couldn’t watch ‘Moonlight‘ on Living last year!

Thanks again Chrissy – and get better soon!

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Episode 16: Sonata – Screencaptures

And here finally the screencaptures from the series finale, episode 16 in which Mick and Beth are confronted with possible consequences of relationships between humans and vampires. Enjoy!

If anyone has high quality stills from ‘Moonlight‘ episode 16, could you please send them in? Thank you.

409 Episode 16: Sonata