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Easter Gift: Exclusive ‘Moonlight’ Pictures

Easter surprise! Sophia sent some exclusive ‘Moonlight‘ ‘behind the scenes’ photographs for us all to enjoy and wishes especially all the ASM members a very happy Easter. It is a year ago now that they finished shooting and she misses all of the fun and laughter on the set.

There are pictures of Sohia & Alex striking funny poses, but also of Sophia together with Shannyn or with her cute puppy Jackson. Be sure to head over to the gallery to enjoy the awesomeness!

Kindly do not redistribute these photographs at another Sophia Myles and/or ‘Moonlight’-related fan site as they were sent exclusively to ‘Absolutely Sophia Myles’. You are of course most welcome to direct your friends to our site (and the pictures) with a link. Thank you.

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Some ‘Moonlight’ Scans & ‘Outlander’ Artwork

I’ve added some international ‘Outlander‘ artwork that I found online during recent weeks to the gallery. View the artwork for the upcoming US DVD over at IGN (looks the same as the French DVD).

Then, Emily from the messageboard donated some ‘Moonlight‘ related scans from last year’s UK publications. Many thanks and enjoy!

005 Outlander (2008) > Artwork
005 Scans from 2008 > Cult Times (UK) – May
001 Scans from 2008 > Various Clippings (Starburst, March 08)

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‘Moonlight’ out on DVD

Today is the day! ‘Moonlight‘ finally arrives on DVD in the US! Be sure to go out and buy your own copy or order it from Amazon in order to be able to re-live the many highlights of the show and to watch Sophia’s alluring performance over and over again. Visit the Moonlight DVD site by Warner Video.

Also Mick and Beth as well as everyone else from the show are coming back to your TV screens this Friday! Sci Fi re-airs the existing episodes as of January 23 every Friday at 9/8! Visit their website for Moonlight content as well as a messageboard!

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Amazon Shops

I am very sorry for the lack of updates recently but real life has certainly been keeping me very busy. In addition, it’s been rather quiet in the Sophia world. Still, there are a number of things I need to update on. First, a number of Sophia’s projects have been released on DVD since my last update: Mister Foe in the US, and Moonlight in the UK and in Germany. I’m sure these are excellent gift ideas for yourself or your loved ones!

I’ve added 4 international Amazon Stores to this site. I’ve tried to find all the Sophia Myles related products and added them to the shops. This should enable you to find the various DVDs, soundtracks, audiobooks etc much quicker – all with the same information and for the exact same price as if you were to browse the main Amazon site.

In addition, when you decide to buy your Sophia Myles products via these stores you help me earn small referral fees without actually having to pay extra. I in turn will be able to spend these on new DVDs etc to continue providing you with new screencaptures. Thank you for your support! Read more at Site Policy.