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When darkness falls, a hero will rise

The US release date for the “Moonlight” DVD has formally (and finally) been announced by Warner Home Video this morning according to TV Shows on DVD. It will hit stores January 20, 2009. Pre-Order at

In my humble opinion, the absence of news concerning special features makes this announcement not especially “news you can really sink your teeth into” as we were previously led to expect. Anyway, an end of the wait for the DVDs is in sight now!

The 4-disc set will have all 16 episodes starring Alex O’Loughlin, which will be presented in widescreen video and an English – Dolby Surround 5.1 audio soundtrack. Subtitles will be in English, Spanish, French and Thai. No bonus material has been indicated, but if we find out anything then we’ll let you know. Cost will be $39.98 SRP, which means you should be able to pick it up for under $30 street price after retailers plug in their discounts.

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Pre-Order European “Moonlight” DVDs

There is now also a German release date for the 16 episodes of “Moonlight“: November 7. Apparently, German Sophia fans will be the first to have the series on silver discs as the UK release is still planned for November 17. I’ve unfortunately not been able to find any information about special features for either release. As far as the US release is concerned an announcement of a release date is expected for this month (read more).

So why don’t you pre-order your own copy of the 4-DVD box? Pre-Order German DVD / Pre-Order UK DVD

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Vampire & Slayers talk to Sophia

Thanks Ed Gross for the heads up to an audio clip of an interview he conducted with Sophia Myles back when “Moonlight” was getting ready to go back into production following the strike of the Writer’s Guild of America. I’m guessing the interview took place at the end of February 2008. To listen to it visit his website Vampire & Slayer and join their community (for free). Direct link to the interview.

I received an email today from NLStore informing me – as far I was able to gather from the Dutch email – that they shipped out my copy of the “The Prince and the Pauper” DVD today and that I should receive it in my mail within a week or so. Finally! It’s already been almost a month since I placed the order.

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Clarification about “Moonlight” DVD release plans

Yesterday, a Live Chat with Warner Home Video took place on The Home Theater Forum. Naturally, there were questions about their plans to release “Moonlight” on DVD:

for fans of MOONLIGHT…stay tuned for GOOD news you can really sink your teeth into in the next month…

There was never a release set for September, each territory sets release dates that make the most sense for them. They are on a sightly more accelerated schedule.

expected DVD extras: We can’t comment at this time but look for our announce in a few weeks.

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New York Magazine talks to Sophia

This new interview with Sophia Myles comes from New York Magazine’s culture and entertainment blog Vulture. Out of all the recent interviews this seems like the most relaxed. Be sure to read Sophia’s answers to questions about Mister Foe, Moonlight and Outlander.

Jamie, as far as I’m concerned, is a national treasure. I would say he’s right up there at the top of my favorite co-stars, because in any scene between him and I, he’s so good and moving that all I had to do was just react to whatever he was doing. He’s made this seamless transition from child star to adult star without any of the rehab and all the nonsense.

(about the status of Outlander) It’s taking a while to come out. As always, there’s drama, I think, behind the scenes. I’m not entirely sure. No one tells me because I’m just the actress. It will come out, and it’s not true that it’s going straight to DVD….

Read the full interview in our press archive.