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Dark Horizons talks to Sophia

Brand new interview has arrived. Dark Horizons published their exclusive interview with Sophia Myles about “Mister Foe“. They call her performance in the film alluring – something I absolutely agree with! It’s an interesting interview and I like some of the slightly new elements she brings to her answers – in comparison to the UK “Hallam Foe” interviews from last year.

Well, I think, you know, as an actor – I mean, I think I make my living pretending to be someone else, so I think that element of kind of wearing a mask – which I think Kate does. I think she has a kind of professional mask that she puts on every day in the office, but it’s only through – it’s through Hallam’s eyes that the audience sees who she really is.

… But underneath it all – there’s a purity there that I think she’s attracted to. And I also think she’s not stupid. And she knows that he’s gonna – you know, he’s gonna age well. You know, he’s got potential. [LAUGHTER] I like also the fact that a relationship between an older girl and a younger guy was explored. Because I haven’t seen that for a while on film.

It really is a film that kind of deals with archetypal themes, you know? So it’s gonna have a profound effect on the human soul. I mean, it deals with the search for love. You know, it’s about a voyage of self-discovery and growth, and also the fear of death. It’s going to make people think. And it will make them feel. How it’s gonna make them feel? I’m really not one to judge. But again, you know, the sexuality in the movie, it’s not – like, all of the sex scenes, they’re not there to be sexy. They’re not sensual.

She also talks about working long hours for “Moonlight” – which is “kind of dead, completely dead” and not coming back – and how she felt about the show’s sudden end:

Everything happens for a reason. It was a massive shock that it finished, because we were all expecting to go into a second season and I would have welcomed that. But the powers that be have decided that it won’t go any further, so. I’m excited that I’m now free to do movies again.

Be sure to read the full interview in our press archive to read Sophia’s quotes about working with director David Mackenzie, dancing in front of Billy Elliot Jamie Bell, finding good projects and the massive Moonlight fanbase.

I like to kind of spice things up a bit, and always keep people guessing.

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New interview & stills

Just trying to catch up on a few things I have previously missed to add to the site these days. I’ve added 18 additional HQ stills from the “Moonlight” episodes 10, 13 and 14. I’m only missing the stills from episode 16 now. I know they’re available on various sites but I’d hate to just take them. Could anyone donate those? It’d be much appreciated. Screencaps of the last 2 episodes are on their way.

Back in April the newspaper “Wales on Sunday” published a very interesting “5 minute” interview with Sophia Myles. Read it here in our press archive.

How environmentally friendly are you?
“As friendly as I can be. I know that my biggest contribution to any kind of bad things like carbon emissions is I fly a lot, but I always try to offset that. When you book tickets with British Airways you can pay the amount that your flight will cost to replant a tree. I thought if I’m going to buy a car in a foreign city I should buy something that’s friendly to the environment, and I try to keep myself as educated as much as I can.”
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
“I like me just the way I am.”

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‘Moonlight’ comes to Germany

As of tomorrow, everyone living in German speaking regions will be able to enjoy ‘Moonlight‘ on their TV – in a synchronized version. Pro7 is airing the series on Mondays at 20.15. Here the official website. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the first 2 episodes (newly titled ‘Es gibt keine Vampire’ and ‘Schatten der Vergangenheit’).

To prepare for the German premiere read a review over at and visit Katrin’s excellent German ‘Moonlight‘ website Moonlight-TV!

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Sophia garners nomination at The SyFy Genre Awards

It was announced yesterday that Sophia Myles got nominated in the ‘Best Actress / Television‘ category at this year’s SyFy Genre Awards. Fellow nominees include the following acting talents: Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who), Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies), Mary McDonnell (Battlestar Galactica) and Eve Myles (Torchwood). Sophia’s nomination marks the only nomination for ‘Moonlight‘.

While The SyFy Genre Awards cannot be considered proper industry awards they are major. So, congratulation Sophia! The SyFy Genre Awards, in existence since 1999 and considered one of the first major virtual entertainment awards, is a product of the science fiction and fantasy Web site SyFy Portal. The SyFy Genre Awards provide an opportunity for fans to honor the best of science fiction television, movies, books, comic books, and web productions for the year.

That’s right. It’s the fans who get to vote for the winners!

Voting begins June 25 right here at SyFy Portal. Readers can vote once per day for 30 days between June 25 and July 25, and winners will be announced during SyFy Portal’s 10th anniversary celebration around Aug. 13.

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Emmy Awards Season

Awards Season is the term used for the time before the Academy Awards hands out the Oscars. When it comes to television it is the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences who hands out Emmys. In the time that precedes this networks, studios, PR agents, managers, etc are campaigning for their shows and actors to get nominated. According to the very reliable Gold Derby Forums of the LA Times Sophia Myles’ work in the ‘Moonlight‘ episode Love Lasts Forever (the one where Josh dies) is being submitted to be considered when it comes to nominate the best ‘Drama Lead Actress‘.

While it is yet FAR too early to be really excited about this it shows that there are people behind ‘Moonlight‘ who think there’s a real chance for Sophia Myles. Obviously, we here at ‘Absolutely Sophia Myles’ are the first to agree and are keeping our fingers crossed hoping Sophia will get some recognition from the industry for the emotional depth she brings to the series. In addition the campaign extends to getting ‘Moonlight‘ (episodes ‘Fever’ and ‘Fleur de Lis’) nominated for best Drama Series and Alex O’Loughlin (episode ‘Fever’) for best Drama Lead Actor.

Here some dates: during the first week of June nominating ballots are being posted on the Television Academy’s website, deadline for returning them is June 20. The actual Emmy nominations will be announced July 17 and finally, the awards will be televised on ABC September 21.