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Exclusive Fan Q&A

Guess what?! I received Sophia’s answers to the Fan Q&A today! While I’m working on a transcript for everybody not able to listen to it and another surprise for the site I’ve integrated Sophia’s recording into the site’s podcast format and you can simply click the podcast player here to listen to it.

Thanks a million to Sophia Myles for taking the time to generously answer so many questions. I’d also like to thank Giacun for your help with the technical aspect of everything.

There were many questions and obviously Sophia couldn’t answer all of them. However, she’s answered most and you can listen to her for 17 minutes. I certainly think she’s done a fantastic job. So, what are you waiting for? Click & enjoy!

• Read the transcript here

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Anniversary + Podcast

Yay! Absolutely Sophia Myles is celebrating its 4th anniversary today!

To mark the happy event I’ve added a new feature to this site: A Podcast. You can listen to it at where it’s hosted or click the player right here on the site at the top of the sidebar. Feedback is very much appreciated and you can also volunteer to come on as a guest for future editions! Please welcome my friend Jane from Canada as guest on this first-ever podcast.