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‘Spooks’ Series 9 out on DVD!

The 9th series of ‘Spooks‘ with Sophia Myles is out on DVD in the UK now! The main cover features costars Peter Firth and Richard Armitage but one of the DVDs has Sophia Myles and Max Brown as Beth and Dimitri on the cover. Thank you Natalie for the scans! If you haven’t ordered your DVD yet don’t hesitate to do so now to be able to watch Sophia as MI-5 agent Beth Bailey any time you want.

Of course the media parts of the website will soon be updated with better quality screencaptures and material from the DVD Extras.

002 Spooks (2010) > Season 9 > Artwork & Posters

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New US ‘Outlander’ poster

Two weeks out from when it is supposed to debut in a limited theatrical run on the 23rd of this month, Third Rail Releasing (an arm of The Weinstein Co.) revealed the U.S. one-sheet for the creature feature Outlander. Quite a difference from the international poster, wouldn’t you say?

Sophia Myles, Jack Huston, Ron Perlman and John Hurt co-star. Look for a trailer soon!


Best part about this news: new trailer?! Give me one any day! Personally I don’t like the new poster too much – no Sophia to be seen, nor any of the Vikings. But I like the lighting a lot and it definitely looks professional and should get the attention of action movie fans.

P.S. Isn’t there a typo in Jim’s name? [edit:] Apparently, Third Rail Releasing corrected that spelling mistake and put out another one. I replaced it in the gallery. Courtesy of

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Some portraits

While going through my folders with Sophia Myles content on the computer I came across some miscellanous pictures I had not yet added to the gallery. Thanks Felicia for finding the (tiny) additional picture from an Art School Confidential session at Sundance in 2006.

002 Outlander – Artwork
001 The Observer Magazine Outtakes, August 2007
001 Total Film Outtakes, September 2007
002 Unknown ‘Hallam Foe’ Promotion, UK, 2007
001 Sundance Film Festival – Session 002

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‘Outlander’ Poster revealed!

outlander-poster.jpg Last week the long-awaited poster for ‘Outlander‘ was revealed and thanks to Aaron we have an extra large version of it in the gallery. Thanks a lot!

Be sure to go and have a look! Even though I can’t say I’m happy with the kind of picture they chose for Sophia’s Freya the poster really gives us an idea of how epic this movie’s going to be. I so can’t wait for a trailer!!

In the meantime I recently came across some cute pictures of Sophia Myles on the ‘Outlander‘ set, taken by Sweat – a studio that provided training for the cast during the physically demanding shoot over a year ago.