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Production Notes – Tristan & Isolde

I’ve added the Production Notes for ‘Tristan & Isolde’. It’s an interesting read.

Some excerpts:

“Sophia is very talented and very instinctual,” says executive producer Jim Lemley. “We felt that she was innocent enough, smart enough and daring enough to be Isolde. We knew that as soon as she walked out of the reading. Everyone else saw the tape and was blown away by her.”

“I was incredibly moved by the script,” Myles recalls. “I couldn’t put it down. This was so rich and compelling to read but at the same time it’s a frustrating story because you desperately want them to be able to be together, but they can’t be.”

“It’s period, but they’re so comfortable to wear,” she says. “Maurizio has such amazing taste. He has made everything not only look incredible but feel so wonderful to wear. It’s all silk and they’re wonderful, really, really wonderful.”

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More captures

Seems like I was too quick to add those music video screen captures… I’ve now replaced them with the ones I took from the full-length video. At the end of the album are still 20 pictures from the short version – because these scenes aren’t in the long version. The video available for download on this site is the short version – due to space reasons. You can view the full version at IESB or at The WB website.

I’ve added the captures from the other clips & featurettes at IESB.

Here some interesting quotes from the featurette:

Sophia Myles on James Franco: He’s a joy to work with, he’s such a kind, gentle person – and incredible to watch.

James Franco on Sophia Myles: Great beauty, but also an innocence mixed with wisdom.

Rufus Sewell on Sophia Myles: Sophia’s lovely. She has a great sense of humour. We spent a lot of time giggling – which, when you do love scenes, is an essential.