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Review: 24 Hour Plays

As you already know, on November 13, 2011 Sophia Myles took part in The Old Vic‘s 24 Hour Plays theatrical production; what you may not have known was that we had our very own Messageboard member Chrissy in the audience! Here is her full review of the day!

“I’m in Kensington and I’ve missed my appointment!” I scream down the phone to my Brother in Law who also has his screaming son (my nephew) in the background.“What!? Why are you there?!” – “How the hell do I know?! Just please help; I’ve been going round in circles for hours!” I yell back at him, frustrated and overwrought with the entire experience so far.

I had left for London in plenty of time, to park my car and catch the underground to Oxford Street, where I would be treated to my make up being done by expert makeup artists, who had attended the BAFTA’s and worked with many of the glittering stars in British Film & Television. I’d missed that already. It was nearly 5 O’clock and I had been on the road for hours now. I had to be there at the Old Vic Theatre in less than two hours and I had trainers on under my long dress still.

“Just pull over! Just pull over, give me a road name and area. I’ll be your Satnav from here…” “I can’t just pull over! I’m on a huge duel carriage way, heading towards the West End – I can’t just park my car outside the Old Vic!” I’ll be honest here in saying that my glamorous night in London did not start well. I hadn’t even parked yet and I was shouting down a speaker phone while turning round beside broken down kebab shops and being stared at by disparaging locals who obviously knew I was from the countryside.

Through adversity, I did however find where I was staying and parked on a side street, thanks to my Brother in Law’s brilliant sense of direction rather than my own. I had just over an hour to get to the Old Vic which was at least two tube trips away. Like Cinderella, running to her ball – I slipped on some killer heels and did my hair and makeup myself. Within minutes I was running to the local underground station, getting lost amongst a maze of platforms. Are you sensing a theme here too?

Out into the cold of Waterloo Station I was now in familiar territory. As an avid theatre goer, my experience of the West End spans over many years and many productions. As quickly as I could, I walked to The Old Vic Theatre; a theatre which I had never seen a performance in before now but named as one of the most outstanding theatres in the West End.

Finally my heeled shoes stepped upon the outspread red carpet outside the Old Vic and I was greeted by the warmth of the theatre staff; who were outstanding all night. Not only this but a slender glass of champagne was placed into my awaiting hand. All my other worries and stresses soon melted away as I realised I was here, on time and going to be seeing the wonderful Sophia Myles on stage… (helped along by the second glass of champagne!)

The entire concept was exciting and impressive thus my excitement did nothing but grow when we all took our seats for the performance. Each play was completely different to the other. Some made you think, while others made you laugh. Each one was crafted superbly and hardly any mistakes occurred from the cast. Yet the entire mood of the evening was so joyful that even if mistakes did happen, it was taken in good humour and reminded the audience of the almost impossible time scale each performer and writer had to deal with.

Right, now to the bit that you are all wanting me to talk about…Sophia herself. Her play was named “Greedo Doesn’t Shoot First!” and for the Star Wars fans among you, you may have already cottoned on to the overriding theme. The play opened in a deserted old house where three people are pacing the floor, worried, frantic and sick to the stomach. Instantly, the audience are led to believe that something terrible has happened. Slowly as the play moved on, it was revealed that Rachael Stirling’s character Molly has hurt someone. This is a hostage situation and the police are just outside the door. The panic builds to boiling point until I can hear the shout of a familiar voice. Sophia’s character Kat steps in to persuade them all to let the captive go. Who is the hostage I hear you all ask? – The one and only George Lucas! In order to secure his safe release, a series of rather ridiculous demands must be met: there are to be no more reedited versions of Star Wars, he must also give permission to have particular scenes from the original films destroyed! From then on the hilarity ensues! Each cast member had a different accent from the British Isles. Robert Gleinister with a gruff London accent, Rachael Stirling supporting a convincing Scottish, Brendan Coyle tackling Irish and finally, our Sophia belting out a fabulous Welsh, which I was overjoyed to hear(being Welsh myself..)! Comic timing was vital for this play to work and each of the performers were wonderful, you didn’t even need to know anything about Star Wars in order to laugh. Sophia of course was fabulous with every single line she had been given and hilariously funny. I really hope she does theatre again soon as she had a wonderful stage presence and grabbed the audience’s attention so naturally.

The entire night went down a storm, glued together by the fantastic Rob Brydon who was brilliantly funny as host the entire night, keeping the mood high.

Swiftly those with invitations were directed to coaches that would take them to the after party at the Corinthia Hotel. Taking my place with everyone else and a quick dash to the Hotel later I was thrust into a crowd of people. Being on my own wasn’t easy at this point; I didn’t really know where we were supposed to be and where I would possibly meet Sophia. Thankfully I met some lovely people while making eye contact over the canapés and all I could do was wait nervously to see Sophia herself.

I cannot express enough to anyone that is reading this how wonderful Sophia is. She lights up a room as soon as she walks in. It was hard to find any sort of nerve to go up to her but I knew that she would never be anything but fabulous and grateful for me being there to support her. It was a dream come true to meet her and I was hugely honoured when she told me that her Welsh accent was for the benefit of both Rob Brydon and myself! Sophia having Welsh blood too meant that we did mainly speak about our home country but I did manage to give her a large bunch of flowers from everyone on Simply Sophia Myles, which she was delighted with. This website means so much to her and I know the same goes for every single person on it.

It was certainly an eventful evening and one that will be engraved upon my memory for many a year. It may have started badly and indeed ended badly when I was given a £55 parking fine, resulting in charges being enforced not on the Sunday but on the Monday morning. London and the entire experience left me dazed, confused and terribly broke but Sophia left me with a feeling of joy and happiness that nothing could spoil.

I send love to everyone on the message board and anyone who should be reading this, especially Sophia. All I have to say is thank you.

Chrissy. Xxx

Unfortunately Chrissy was unable to take any photographs of Sophia onstage but we hope that some images will surface at some point. In the gallery we do already have some images of Sophia from the 24 Hour Plays, 25th Hour After Show Party with Sophia looking as stunning as ever!

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‘Spooks’ Reviews and Ratings & Episode 4

After the new series of ‘Spooks‘ premiered last Monday many reviews could be found. They’re quite favourable and also Sophia’s addition to the cast was received mostly positively:

Hermione Norris’s refreshingly stern Ros Myers has been replaced by the busty, smouldering Sophia Myles as Beth Bailey – a former independent contractor hankering for a job at MI5. Like North, her cocky, self-assured demeanour screamed “mole” and we were merrily invited to distrust her from the start.

It’s all fairly daft (well, as far as we know – MI5 may actually be dealing with these kinds of preposterous events every day), but happily Spooks remains as tight, gripping and exceptionally watchable as it was in series one.
The Telegraph

It’s the marriage of slick, if slightly implausible, action and the suggestion of a world forever on the brink of going to hell that gives Spooks its edge.
Metro (they also strangely had a problem with Beth’s cleavage)

The highlight of the night – and any other night, come to think of it – was the start of the ninth series of Spooks (BBC1) which is still as compellingly watchable and implausible as ever. I say implausible, but then you never really know.

The new ones especially worked tremendously well. Replacing Ros would be an impossible feat, but I really like Sophia Myles’ Beth Bailey; she’s sparky, clever, and fun, and she has bucketloads of chemistry with Lucas.

There’s also a funny rather Beth-centric review at The Arts Desk and another one at The Independent and The Guardian’s Vicky Frost is back with her witty Spooks blog.

The episode attracted 5.58 million viewers which was less than other ‘Spooks‘ series premieres in the past pulled in – but with an audience share of 23.2% it was still the most watched programme of the evening (source: Digital Spy).

The official ‘Spooks’ Website was updated for the current series and Sophia’s charcter has her own profile page here: Beth Bailey. Here’s a not so spoilery look out for next week’s episode by Ian Wylie: Spooks – The One With the Lift. And the new description for episode 4 which will air on October 11, 2010, 9pm is now also available at the BBC Press Office (SPOILERS).

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‘Outlander’ Making Of & More

Following ‘Outlander‘ on Twitter certainly brings us fabulous information. There’s another opportunity to win a VIP screening here and it leads us to an interesting and totally new over 16 minute long Making Of. The Outlander fansite has word that it will eventually turn up on the Region 2 DVD but isn’t on the recently released French DVD/Blu Ray or the upcoming Region 1 DVD/Blu Ray. It also has some nice moments of Sophia Myles so be sure to watch!

Someone uploaded a hiliarious imitation of the UK Trailer to YouTube. It’s a shot by shot re-make with action figures such as He-Man, Thundercats, Star Wars and more. Definitely a must see!

Outtakes from reviews (added to the Outlander page):

But it’s Sophia Myles who steals the show, her performance as beautiful but ballsy Viking girl Freya giving the boys a run for their money in the action stakes.

John Hurt is excellent as the watchfully wise king, as are Sophia Myles as his feisty daughter and the other-worldly James Caviezel.
The Times

042 Outlander – Making Of
001 Outlander – Production Stills

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Mister Foe – NY Times review

Remember, Mister Foe officially opens in the US today. Check out the Play Dates over at the distributor’s website to find out if the movie will come to a theater near you.

Make sure to visit this site here again later today to find something special to celebrate the US release.

In the meantime, I leave you with a link to a very positive Mister Foe review, as published by The New York Times (read). They specifically commend Sophia Myles for her performance:

And the object of his desperate, icky and fond attention is certainly well chosen. Like Emily Mortimer, who played Ewan McGregor’s dream woman in Mr. Mackenzie’s previous film, “Young Adam,” Ms. Myles has the task of turning a phantasm of adolescent desire into a real person.

Kate’s insistence, late in the movie, that she is just that is both superfluous and unconvincing. In her loneliness, her toughness, her perfect mix of maternal warmth and sexual adventurousness, she is at heart a literary conceit, an inhabitant of that realm of the male imagination where lust and sentimentality meet and mingle. But Ms. Myles inhabits the role with such crisp and understated wit that she manages to hold such doubts at bay. Common sense might suggest that a woman in Kate’s position should change her locks, call the police or move to another town when a guy like Hallam shows up, but somehow she never seems more sensible than when she does the opposite of what prudence might dictate.

The smaller performances are nearly as strong as Ms. Myles’s and Mr. Bell’s, even when the characters are a bit too broadly drawn…

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‘Outlander’ World Premiere – Part 2

I’ve finished the overview page for ‘Outlander‘ in the projects section. So go there to see a more in-depth description of the film and Sophia’s role. I’ve tried to stay away from major spoilers but of course if you want to remain unspoiled before seeing the film for yourself don’t read. The film is certainly on a par with major blockbusters – even though better than your usual period action piece. What I personally liked very much was the authentic look and feeling of the Viking period, the epic shots (e.g. air-shot of the Viking village, whole waterfall sequence), the score, the shield dance as well as the acting performances (apart from Sophia, Jack Huston, John Hurt, Jim Caviezel). Of course to me the best thing about it is Sophia Myles! As we’ve been able to judge from the stills already the red hair suits her very well – and even better her character Freya. She’s certainly very willful and more than able to handle a sword. Freya’s introduction scene is very impressive. Sure, Sophia’s played other willful girls before, but they’ve always been using words rather than actions. Freya tops even Lady P.

The film also features plenty of gore – which is to be honest not really my kind of thing – but there should be plenty of people happy to hear this. As to the film’s supposedly featuring lots of known elements, well how could it not? After all the idea was to kind of tell the ‘real’ story behind the Beowulf legend. While major monster movies usually tend to have too glossy a look for my taste many other monster movies are marketed as family entertainment and everything looks too neat, too colourful. ‘Outlander‘ in my opinion features a balanced mixture of epic, glossy, rugged and authentic look. The film is what it claims to be – and all the elements work well, this is escapism in its purest form. We certainly were treated to some fabulous entertainment.

It was raining in the whole country on Friday – probably the hardest down in Locarno. So, we were more than anxious what the weather would be like in the evening. Fortunately, it cleared up and we stayed dry. No rain, yes, but it was cold! Very cold for a summer day in August. The film was screened in both the Piazza Grande (outdoor venue) and the FEVI (indoor venue) but I watched outside. We had fantastic seats and it was amazing to see all of the action on such a huge screen. And the sound! They really must have had some fantastic sound equipment. The action was all around us and we felt like being right there, celebrating the defeat of the bear, being under Moorwen attack, laying in the monster’s liar and fighting it under the waterfall – and thanks to the temperatures it was also almost as if we were right there in cold Nova Scotia.

We met up with Sophia Myles and the rest of the ‘Outlander‘ team at the beautiful Palazzo Casorella and posed for some pictures with Sophia down at the Piazza Grande (see last update). Sophia was radiant and charming, Jack Huston very entertaining (he’s sure to get his big break soon, he’s got everything it takes to be a major star for a long time to come), and Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain very enthuasiastic about their work. There was also a team from Frenetic – the film’s Swiss distributor. No clear information on release dates yet. Maybe early 2009. Switzerland will have similar release dates as its neighbouring countries Germany, France and Italy. And everyone seems to look to the US anyway. Thank you very much Sophia (and Frenetic) for making Friday evening the wonderful experience it was for us! I guess I’m also thankful to the Locarno Festival for having ‘Outlander‘ in their programme.

I’ve not been able to find many reviews for ‘Outlander’ following its world premiere. The Outlander website put together an overview. Almost none made any special reference to Sophia – Variety simply says Kate Winslet lookalike Sophia Myles. And The Hollywood Reporter had this to say: “Myles looks the part too even if her plummy English vowels and crisp consonants jar a bit but then again you’d be amazed if a daughter of John Hurt didn’t speak well.” Well, we’d expect nothing less from a princess, certainly!

The film had its world premiere at the Locarno International Film Festival and, handled suitably by the Weinstein Company in the U.S. and Wild Bunch internationally, it should do crowd-pleasing business all around.

I added 5 more HQ pics of the ‘Outlander’ Photocall as well as 2 pics I took when the ‘Outlander’ team was on stage. I was standing at a very fortunate place really, but not when it came to taking pictures of the gang on stage. In addition I was also trying to juggle carrying jackets and what not while filming. So I really only got a few seconds (watch in the Media Archive). I’m especially sad to have missed the moment when Sophia adressed the audience. She said she was happy to be back in Switzerland after something like 10 years and thanked the festival for this opportunity.

Unfortunately, I’ve as of yet not been able to find any video coverage by the media. If you come across something please be sure to pass on the information! Also if you’re not able to provide a clip or a link we’d be most happy to hear a report of what a media outlet had to say about Sophia/the movie!