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Movie updates

Here some updates on Sophia’s current movie productions:

Latest news for ‘Hallam Foe‘ is that the film got a limited release in US theatres last Friday, June 6. Remember, the film is playing under the new title ‘Mister Foe‘. I don’t know in what cities the film is actually playing so if anyone has any info on that it’d be greatly appreciated.

‘Outlander‘ was screened for the first time in its entirety at the film market during the Cannes Film Festival last month. Those were industry screenings so feedback is scarce. However the ever so brilliant Outlander website came across a promising short review by Fangoria:

Unashamedly crowd-pleasing is Howard McCain’s epic science-fiction/fantasy OUTLANDER, the final film seen in Cannes. Jim Caviezel is an intergalactic astronaut who crashes his spaceship in 700 A.D. Norway and unleashes a giant alien creature on the local Viking population. Big, glossy and hugely enjoyable, it commingles fun adventure cliches with wildly unhistoric abandon, all acted with solid conviction by Caviezel, John Hurt, Perlman and Sophia Myles. There’s gore aplenty, the thrills are nonstop and the neon-etched CGI monster is pretty damn good too.

The film seems to have a definite release date in France (July 30 pushed back to August 15) and I sure hope we’ll soon get a trailer!

Various places have reported that Sophia Myles is busy shooting a new movie called ‘Buddha’s Little Finger‘. That is not true. The film never got the greenlight as long as Sophia was attached (which was months before she got the part in ‘Moonlight‘). Should it really be in production now – as the IMDb is reporting – it is without Sophia.

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‘Hallam Foe’ – my opinion

I finally saw ‘Hallam Foe’ last night – and absolutely loved it. Sure, it is a peculiar film with dark material. But it is great and very entertaining nontheless. Even a film to watch again. And it is certainly Sophia’s best work to date! This marks the first time I’ve seen Sophia on the big screen. ‘Mansfield Park’ (I didn’t have time to see in the cinema) and ‘From Hell’ (doesn’t really count) came out before I knew of Sophia. ‘Underworld’ isn’t my cup of tea so I didn’t want to pay to see it in the cinema and ‘Tristan & Isolde’ was on our screens here only for a limited time – and I was not feeling well at that time. All other films didn’t make it to the cinema here in Switzerland. It is a shame for Sophia looks great on the big screen.

I wrote a synopsis of the film, a description of Sophia’s role, collected some quotes from reviews, Sophia interviews and the like and ended with my comments on the film. See it all on this site’s mini-page for Hallam Foe.

What are your thoughts of the film? Don’t hesitate to discuss it in the forum.

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Beth: So, we’re talking vampires?
Mick: You know some people actually find them attractive.
Beth: Really?

Thanks to Patrick I have lots to update concerning Sophia Myles’ appearance as Beth in ‘Moonlight’ – which starts in less than a week!! Patrick was also so lucky to catch Episode 1 before us mortals lol and posted a very informative (and non-spoilery) review on his site. Here the Sophia part:

“Sophia Myles was awesome. She was consistent and entertaining all the way from her first scene to her final one with Mick, and I enjoyed her desire to solve the mystery and write the story. It was really cool to watch her go undercover, but I won’t go too in depth with that, because it would get spoilery. She too was really good at interacting with the other characters, her relationship with Steve [Kevin Weisman from Alias] was absolutely hilarious, as both scenes they were in together had lines that made me laugh out loud. I enjoyed her pestering Carl for information, and the best part is he ending up giving her some. The character was really well-written, and its going to be exciting to watch her evolve. I think she may be my favorite character.”

Read the full review at Moonlight Fans

There are also 2 new promos featuring more of Beth and it’s great to hear Sophia’s American accent.
002 Episode 3: Dr. Feelgood – Promo
038 Screencaptures > Trailer 2
035 Screencaptures > Trailer 3
002 Videos – Moonlight > Trailers

EDIT: You can now watch these clips in our new media archive (here)

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Hallam Foe & Dracula

Reminder: ‘Hallam Foe’ will have its world premiere this Friday at the Berlin Film Festival. The film has already had a market screening and the Hallam team has been busy meeting with potential buyers. The film’s publicist Mat Sanders has been busy these past few days signing up journalists to the interview schedule. Later this week he will be taking David, Jamie and Sophia to the festival’s official press conference, photocall and premiere screening on Friday and running all their press interviews. Read more about the whole preparation going on in Berlin at the film’s offficial blog.

A general UK theatrical release date has yet to be confirmed. LaunchingFilms is however listing August 31. But maybe the presentation at the Berlin Film Festival will get the film an earlier release?!

‘Dracula’ aired on PBS yesterday. The reviews aren’t that good. They didn’t say much about the performances but disliked mostly the lack of subtlety. Reuters:

It’s all suitably chilling and terrifying, and to be fair, it does stay true to Stoker’s novel in much of the plotting. But this reimagining is far more literal and unsubtle than your daddy’s “Dracula,” pushing its monstrous visuals and bloodletting to the forefront in a fashion that’s not captivating so much as overpowering.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to post and discuss at the messageboard!

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‘Art School Confidential’ Press

Unfortunately, the critics aren’t warming to ‘Art School Confidential’. They seem to know nothing else than to compare it to ‘Ghost World’. Well, here’s an article about director Terry Zwigoff’s reaction to all this:

Zwigoff is oddly confidential

As for Sophia Myles’ performance as Audrey things aren’t exactly better:

“Harder to reconcile is the fact that Audrey remains as much a cipher to us as she does to Jerome.”
“Sophia Myles, meanwhile, spends most of the movie mooning over whatever young man is nearest, and posing demurely nude.”

It seems that her character has suffered from the editing and thus remains rather onedimensional.

“Plenty is likewise excised from his original cut of Art School, which is a half-hour longer than the 102-minute theatrical version. Missing, he says, are non-plot-driving moments that help explicate the character of Jerome’s muse, a haughty model played by Sophia Myles.”

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