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Stepping back

After careful and long consideration I decided to step back from running this website after nearly 8 years. I still love Sophia Myles & her work dearly. I simply no longer have the time and motivation to spend a large part of my free time online. While I’ll remain the owner of the site and continue to post on the messageboard it will be Natalie – the new co-owner of the site – who will be around to post news, pictures & videos. I feel confident leaving the site in her hands as she’s a real fan of Sophia and terrific in her capabilities to run a website – as anyone looking at the current layout or anyone familiar with her from the messageboard already knows.

I say goodbye with a laughing and a crying eye and hope you show the same support & appreciation you’ve shown me to Natalie.

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Fan Q&A Reminder & numbers

Ok, this is a reminder about the exclusive Fan Q&A. You are all still very welcome to send in a question for Sophia Myles. It is really very easy. Click the link to find out more – but really one email is all it basically takes. Deadline is this coming Wednesday.

About ‘Moonlight’s ratings – they seem to get from quite well to better. So, here’s to hoping we’ll see much more of Mick St. John, Beth Turner, Josef and Coraline. Read an article at TVbythenumbers or over at Moonlight Detective. Basically, ‘Moonlight’ once again helped CBS win Friday night – and although the show came in second in its timeslot after ABC’s ‘Women’s Murder Club’ ‘Moonlight’ did win the 18-49 demo.

Continue to watch ‘Moonlight’ is all I can add to this. Here’s a preview clip for next week. Looks very exciting if I may say so.

Since we’re talking numbers here I have something else. Although October isn’t finished yet it has already proven to be the most active month ever for I would like to thank all of you loyal and new visitors of the site and let you know that your feedback is always welcome.

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Lady and the vamp

Thanks goes to Amo and Aaron for pointing me in the direction of this new article:

Lady and the vamp from Daily Mail (UK)

It is about Sophia – which makes us happy – but they’re certainly exaggerating when they’re claiming Sophia’s famous for her love life. But this is the Daily Mail….

The ‘Dracula’ airing brought many visitors to this site, up to 1,100 during the hours after the programme. Apparently Amazon dispatched my ‘Dracula’ DVD yesterday and it should arrive early next week. I can’t wait to see this myself! Stay tuned for screencaptures!

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‘Dracula’ shooting locations

Sorry for the recent lack of updates. But I’m back now and I hope to add some great stuff on the site soon!

An update on the current filming of ‘Dracula’, concerning shooting locations. Regions in the UK include Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. Specific houses have been mentioned as well: Chavenage House, near Tetbury, Eastnor Castle in Ledbury and Tyntesfield in Wraxall, near Bristol.

I changed some settings in the gallery. The preview pictures are now all of the same size & format – this doesn’t have any effect on the actual pictures themselves however, don’t worry.

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US-DVD release rumour for ‘Colditz’

Thank you to Damian Lewis Com for the information:

Timeless Media and MTI Home Video through 2007 will co-release a series of films including Ted Danson’s and Mary Steenburgen’s Talking to Heaven. The companies will pool funds in order to acquire DVD rights to higher-profile properties than each could secure individually. Timeless will oversee sell-through distribution channels, and MTI will handle distribution into rental accounts. Two additional titles Above and Beyond and Escape From Colditz will street by early 2007. A total of six to 10 films should street through next year. (source: Videobusiness.Com)

And I have a problem with my email address. It should be more or less ok at the moment but if you’ve recently written I may not have received your message. So feel free to write again. Sorry!