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Site Newsletter is back!

I finally managed to solve the problem with the site’s Newsletter. There were too many users registered for it – mostly spam user accounts though. I deleted all of them and installed a plugin to prevent spam accounts – and voilà! The Newsletter is working again! To be notified via email whenever there’s a new post don’t hesitate to register (again)! Thank you.

As before you can also follow us via Twitter or RSS feed to stay informed on all things Sophia Myles!

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6th Anniversary: New Layout

How time flies! It seems like yesterday that Absolutely Sophia Myles had been celebrating being online for half a decade and already another year’s passed. For the occasion I finished coding a new layout for the website.

A while ago members of the messageboard had the opportunity to create a layout for the site. In the end only one was submitted – but what a gorgeous layout this is! Luna designed the graphics – many thanks! – which in turn highly influenced my coding. I’ve been going over everything so I think it should all work – but please let me know if you encounter any problems.

What else is new? In the sidebar I replaced the random quotes by Sophia Myles with new orginal ones. Enjoy!

It was also time to change the poll question. Since January 2, 2009, 766 of the site’s visitors have answered the question ‘What’s your favourite character?‘. The result was overwhelmingly clear: 515 people (or 67%) chose Beth Turner from ‘Moonlight‘. The other top choices were Isolde (‘Tristan & Isolde‘) with 18% and Reinette (‘Doctor Who‘) with 9%. But only 1% or 10 people prefer the character of Kate Breck in ‘Hallam Foe‘ to all others. See all results here. As of now there’s a new poll open for voting in the sidebar: What kind of movie would you like to see Sophia in next?

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Sophia says Thank You

Special surprise everyone! Sophia Myles sent me a handwritten thank you card for our gift! View the scans of it – together with a summary of what our gift actually looked like – in the gallery! Thank you Sophia for making our day a happy one!

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Exciting info about ‘Outlander’ UK release

TheAD posted some exciting information about the upcoming UK release of Sophia’s latest movie ‘Outlander‘ on his website recently:

Oultander will debut in the United Kingdom on April 22nd. Momentum pictures has great confidence in the potential for the film and is busy developing a hefty slate of promotional plans and we can say with confidence that you can expect another trailer in short order. As well, the’ve set up a website over at which should go live soon with numerous activities and things of interest.

Sounds like the film will see a theatrical release with much deserved promotion in Sophia’s homecountry.

And today is a memorable day for Sophia Myles fans! It’s been 29 years since our favourite actress first saw the light of day. We all hope you are spending it with your loved ones and wish you lots of love, happiness, peace – simply all the best – for today and all the days to come!

Officially since July 2008 the members of the messageboard and other Sophia fans have been busy putting together a fan project to let Sophia know how much we admire her. In time for her birthday we then sent it to Sophia. An official dossier of what it looked like will be on this site soon. For everyone who participated and is anxious to know about the status of the project: we have had word that it reached her on time. She is touched by it and reading it has made her so happy.

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Gallery back & New Layout!

We have a beautiful new layout across all our pages – designed by Natalie from What do you all think? I hope you love it as much as I do!

Best display is in Firefox. However, I’ve really tried to make the layout work in all kinds of browsers. Please let me know if you come across any bugs. Thank you!

And the gallery is back! A HUGE thank you to Gertie from for hosting our extensive photo & media archives. I’ve been extremely busy transferring all the files to the new server and I hope you won’t come across missing files. If you do please let me know. Over the coming hours also the Public Appearances, Television and TV Appearances categories should be filled with pictures. Another big thank you to Pure Vowels for your help with the adapting of the photo & video layouts.