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New Layout!

Here’s the new layout! What do you think? I felt a change was needed, also this new layout should be more gender-neutral in terms of colour. I actually first wanted to wait with the new layout until I’ve finished the Projects section, but as I don’t know how much time I will have over the coming days to work on the site I decided to put it online already. But I will finish the section over the next few weeks. Together with the new layout I also have a new gallery system that is much easier to update. Please leave your comments, they’re well appreciated!

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New Layout!!

Hey! The new layout is online! What do you think of it? The movie pages and some of the small pictures in the you and web section aren’t finished. But I’m working on it and hopefully the site’ll be finished soon. Your comments are very much appreciated!

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Articles & other updates

Since I’ve bought a domain for this site, we’re now at!! There’s also the new layout – and almost everything except film descriptions is here.

‘The Face’ magazine issue May has new pictures of Sophia. View them here.

The new articles are:
Puppet On A String (The Face, May 2004)
Myles ahead (Evening Standard Magazine, 8 August 2003)

The official website for ‘The Thunderbirds’ has gone online and they’ve also got the new trailer, which – at the end – features Sophia.

Recently, British film magazine ‘Film Review’ published their survey ‘Girl Power’ and who’s most likely to conquer Hollywood. Keira Knightley is number one followed by Scarlett Johansson and Keisha Castle-Hughes. Also in the top spot is Sophia: on number 8!

Our new affiliates: Piperabo, Depp CA, Deeply Depp, Emmaculate, Shane West Online and Underworld Chaos.

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Yes, ‘Absolutely Sophia Myles’ has gone online! A few things are still missing, but that will change soon. All in all you should already be able to find more information about this rising star who is currently starring in ‘Underworld’ and will next be seen in the feature-adaption of ‘The Thunderbirds’ and the legendary ‘Tristan & Isolde’.