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‘Outlander’ UK Promotion

Thanks Chrissy for telling us about ‘Outlander‘s official UK website having more content. Be sure to visit to get all excited for the upcoming UK release on April 24! Additionally, you can also stay updated about everything Outlander on Facebook and Twitter.

Following Outlander items have been added to the site:
OUTLANDER – Sophia Myles Q+A really lovely
Outlander – Production Stills x2 – trying to get better versions of these soon
Outlander – Trailer x10 – UK Trailer

Oh, and my French ‘Outlander’ DVD got shipped today – should arrive on Thursday or Friday. I’m so excited!

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Podcast: Exclusive Fan Q&A – January 2009

Warrior FreyaTogether with this new still of Sophia Myles as warrior Viking princess Freya in the upcoming Outlander I have another treat for you all! Sophia Myles took the time to participate in another exclusive Fan Q&A and answered quite a number of the questions that were sent in by you guys.

As stated during the podcast I found it very challenging to be fair to every person who sent in a question but I think I almost managed to ask at least one question from everyone. And I think I forgot to mention the names of 2 or 3 people, please forgive me. Without further ado enjoy Podcast #5 feat. Sophia Myles!

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More exciting “Outlander” stills

We have more wonderful stills of Sophia Myles as Freya in “Outlander“. They come from the scene where Freya nurses Kainan after he was interrogated and from the film’s final moments. One still we already had can now be admired in HQ. Big thank you to long time friend of the site Tara for the HQ versions and TheAD from the Outlander fansite who discovered a bunch of the stills on some Far East movie website.

10 Outlander > Production Stills